Spray today – Pay tomorrow

Get into a Miller Nitro today with the lowest rates on used SP sprayers. 2.99% also available over 49-60 months. Offer ends 30th June 2021.
Exclusive to the Miller dealer network.

Second-Hand Miller Sprayer Finance Offer

Offer Period: 8th October 2020 to 30th June 2021
Settlement Period: By 30th June 2021


0 - 48 Months

49 - 60 Months

(% customer invoice price}




  • Mandatory minimum deposit – as above
  • Deposit as a % of customer invoice price
  • Monthly or annual payments
  • GST payment in month 4
  • No Balloons
  • No Rate adjustment applicable
  • Customer Application fee of $425

CNH Industrial Capital Terms & Conditions:

  1. Terms of this program are subject to change upon 2-calendar days’ notice.
  2. There will be no rate adjustments for higher deposits. Only program rate is applicable providing deposit requirements are met.
  3. This program is not retrospective and shall apply only to new retail orders received during the program period.
  4. Finance options are subject to CNH Industrial Capital approval, to business applicants only.
  5. Deposit requirements is a % of customer invoice price. Deposit qualification can include Cash and Trade Equity.
  6. Upfront payment of the GST will not be considered as part of the program deposit requirements. If clients wish to pay the GST upfront instead of within the repayment structure, this will be required in addition to the stated program deposit to meet program requirements.
  7. This program is only applicable to a specific list of serial numbers.

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