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Rexedim now available at McIntosh & Son Perth

The Rexedim Verti-Drain 2519 is now available at McIntosh & Son Perth

Rexedim, the innovative turf management product manufacturer, is available now at McIntosh & Son through our Perth dealership.

Mike Foskett, McIntosh & Son Perth General Manager, believes the Redexim range, including the Verti-Drain, complements the dealership’s current range of turf machinery.

"Redexim is reliable, innovating and very popular. There is a lot of market confidence in the brand, and we are always excited to stand behind quality products like these ones, especially the Verti-Drain," said Mike.

The world-renowned Verti-Drain turf aerator was invented by Redexim more than 40 years ago. It has changed the method of soil aeration across the world, becoming the ‘must use’ for turf managers in their battle to aid turf growth in challenging environments.

An aeration method uses solid tines to create deep holes into the turf without removing any soil. The Verti-Drain features a unique and innovative heaving action where the inserted tine kicks to gently lift and shatter the soil in a uniform manner to further break up compaction and create space in the soil profile for air, water, and grass plant roots.

Mike Foskett said that he was excited about some of the latest models that Redexim has released.

"The Verti-Drain 2519 high speed aerator will make fast work of any green space. Contractors can get the same job done in a much shorter time, so you can watch your productivity soar," said Mike.

"It’s great for the market, as golf course superintendents, schools, local governments and sporting arenas can now purchase Redexim and Verti-Drain products knowing they’ll have back up and parts support from McIntosh & Son,” said Mike.

“Our team have always been very supportive of the Redexim range, we know how much our customers love them, so are always keen to see them out in the field.”

Redexim turf renovation equipment is available now through the McIntosh & Son Perth dealership. Those interested can contact the sales team to find out more.