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Tracks keep Borgs out of bog at harvest

Getting bogged up to 50 times during a wet harvest previously and forecasts of wet conditions again last season prompted New South Wales grower Mick Borg to switch over to ATI High Idler tracks on his Case harvester.

Mick now knows he can get out of trouble when there's wet conditions and take the tracks with him when he upgrades his header. We spoke to Mick about his recent purchase and why they helped him have such a great harvest last year.

Mick Borg McIntosh & Son AT tracks case combine harvester

Mick Borg, who farms between Dubbo and Narromine in New South Wales, says when he first saw ATI High Idler tracks at McIntosh & Son at Dalby in Queensland, he thought “my God – they are so big and strong’’.

GROWER: Mick Borg

AREA: Dubbo-Narromine, Central West NSW

OPERATION: Continuous cropping enterprise including wheat, lupins and canola.

REVIEW: ATI High Idler Tracks on his Case IH 2388 combine harvester

What made you think of switching to ATI High Idler tracks on your Case IH 2388 harvester?

“They were saying it was going to be a wet harvest and I thought we could get into trouble. Sometimes you can be driving along and then just bang – you’re bogged. You can lose a number of days or a week – and that’s not counting possible damage to machines. We have been bogged up to 50 times before and previously I had my Dad around to help pull me out, but he has passed away."

What were your thoughts when you viewed the ATI Tracks at McIntosh & Son Dalby?

“When I saw them, I thought my God – they are so big and strong. They are quite high value, but you get a lot for your money and the McIntosh (& Son) team and (Dealer Principal) Cameron Jordan were really good to deal with – they helped a lot."

What were some of the other features you like about the tracks?

“Reduced compaction was the other major feature. The header set-up is not quite on the tramline, but all the sowing, spreading and spraying is. We also only had single tyres on the header, which would have been causing more compaction."

Mick Borg McIntosh & Son AT tracks case combine harvester

The ATI tracks “at work’’ on the Borg’s Case IH 2388 header during the recent harvest.

Did everything go ok with the fitting of the tracks?

“I had them on in one day with the help of a mechanic and because we didn’t have duals, we had to do axle extensions to get the tracks away from the elevators of the header."

Was there any maintenance required with the tracks?

“There’s not one grease nipple with them."

What are your plans for the tracks with future headers?

“We will transfer the tracks to the next machine we upgrade to. That was the key selling point, knowing that we could move them on to the next header.’’

Cameron Jordan, Dealer Principal
McIntosh & Son Dalby

Are the tracks suitable for other farming sectors?

“They will also appeal to the likes of Riverina rice growers. Rice programs are not consistent, but when growers choose to grow it, they’re more than likely going to be taking it off in the mud. With the ATI modules, you can have tracks in the shed and if you’re coming to a wet harvest, you can put them on and away you go."

Are they also used in Queensland?

“Growers in Queensland would not need tracks every harvest, but the ability to fit them when needed is a great option. One wet year on the Darling Downs, crops were excellent, but growers couldn’t get to them. One grower I knew had tracks and his comment was that they paid for themselves in that one year alone. Plus, you are going to keep them for the next combine you upgrade to."

For further information, growers can contact Cameron Jordan 0448 322 636 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for all enquiries.