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T5 is tailored to specialty crop sector

Originally published in Quarter Fold Magazine January 26, 2023

The New Holland T5 AutoCommand has a Stage V engine and a range of quality features for new owners.

The fuel-efficient and powerful New Holland T5 Auto Command is getting runs on the board within the Australian specialty crop sector.

New Holland horticulture and viticulture product manager John Vagnarelli said the specialty range filled a crucial gap in the market for farmers growing crops in orchards and tight rows such as wine grapes, almonds, stone fruit, citrus and avocadoes.

“Farmers can now get increased horsepower, increased hydraulic flow and more advanced control and guidance features in a package that will easily fit down most rows,” Mr Vagnarelli said.

“The T5 Auto Command offers incredible operator comfort for narrow rows and challenging terrain thanks to its fully suspended cab, premium seating, climate controlled airconditioning, narrow rear guards and streamlined frame.”

Its specifications, including GPS capabilities, headland turn sequence management and ISOBUS control, offer unmatched control and automation.

“The Auto Command transmission and GPS enabled guidance are key features that take the fatigue out of tractor driving - all in a compact and powerful package,” Mr Vagnarelli said.

“As the most advanced engine in our range, the Stage V engine delivers the cutting edge in fuel economy and low emissions.

“Combined with the infinitely variable AutoCommand transmission, this provides the best technology and efficiency available in the market today.”

South Australian viticulturist Dino Sigismondi uses his T5 Auto Command to manage more than 300 hectares of premium wine grapes each year.

Mr Sigismondi appreciates the trademark quality and high performance of his New Holland machinery but was further impressed by the next level comfort, ease of operation and reliable productivity the T5 Auto Command offers.

“During peak times of spraying and harvesting, the T5 Auto Command is the number one tractor on the farm and my vineyard team could not be happier with it,” Mr Sigismondi said.

“I was expecting to do more hours in the cabin, but my operators love the T5.140 Auto Command so much that I don’t get a chance to hop in.”

With most of the work done at night, the T5 Auto Command’s low-noise, high productivity and optional 16 LED lighting package is unrivalled.

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