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Australian-made precision application from Liquid Systems

Renowned for build quality & targeted liquid input, accurate, consistent even placement.

Originally posted in Farming Ahead 17 March 2021

McIntosh & Son

Liquid Systems has been supplying Precision Ag Liquid Delivery Systems around the world for almost 20 years. The Australian-made gear is renowned for its build quality and providing targeted liquid input application with accurate rates and consistent even placement in the furrow, which is essential to reduce input costs to the farmer and optimize the effectiveness of seeding regimes from the start.

Locally, for nearly 18 years Liquid Systems has been supplying liquid delivery systems that are factory-fitted at McIntosh Distribution in Perth, Western Australia.

Duncan Murdoch, Morris National Product Manager says, "One of the great things of being able to work closely with an Australian manufacturer like Liquid Systems is that there is a mutual benefit of innovative collaboration. We can work side-by-side and benefit from each other's product development.

"One such development that we are excited about is the release of the new GEN5 module, available now on Morris Air Carts. Liquid Systems have continued to provide well made products using the best quality components and the system is easy to use from an end user's point of view."

In 2010, Liquid Systems was approached by John Deere, North America to supply the first dealer-fit, Liquid Ready Kit for the 1910 Commodity Cart. With the success of this partnership, the agreement expanded in June 2020 to supply of a second dealer-fit, Liquid Ready Kit for the larger John Deere C650 Air Carts.

Liquid Systems' also has a Dealer network all around Australia allowing farmers to install the Precision Ag integrated, turn-key modules and distribution kits onto new or used planters, seeders and liquid carts.

Locally owned

Liquid Systems (SA) is privately-owned by home-grown South Australian, Peter Burgess. Peter comes from a multi-generational engineering, farming and manufacturing family.

In 1999, Peter built his first system to apply liquid P in calcareous soils for soil scientist, Bob Holloway, SA. This cemented the opportunity for Peter to build engineered systems that farmers in tough conditions would come to rely on.

Last September saw the Australian headquarters moved to a new facility in Edwardstown, Adelaide, in SA. The new facility is larger, allowing more staff and increased manufacturing efficiencies - a significant commitment to the Australian and overseas markets.

"We have an amazing team of people who are very passionate about providing quality products, in every detail and service," says Peter Burgess.

Situated centrally between west and east Australia, customers can be assured that parts, prompt tele-service support and logistics are easily accessible through the South Australia, with friendly go-to service and support.

Durability, reliability and product verification

Research and development remain a key focus for Liquid Systems (SA) who aim to make sure that their product range evolves to support new farming techniques and liquid products.

Product testing and verification at Liquid Systems' one of a kind test facility covers module testing right through to testing application of new liquid products.

The company has continued to invest in "built for purpose" equipment that is designed specifically for the harshest of conditions to deliver reliable and accurate rates of liquids in-furrow. Every system is built with these key factors in mind. Every order follows certain procedures and tests before they leave the factory. The grower can be rest assured that their system is ready to hit the ground running.

Having gained a wealth of industry experience and knowledge over the years through continuous communication and collaboration with farmers, dealers, OEMs, soil scientists, research bodies and liquid product manufacturers, the company is continually seeking ways to improve its products and thrives on feedback from farmers.

Latest Product Range

In early November last year, the company released its Next-Generation LQS Range of pump and control modules. The compact range of pump sizes suits any size implement, wide or narrow implements, big or small tanks, intense or light agitation, high or low application rates and chemical injection.

Peter Burgess says: "Less is more when it comes to the new module range, but still delivers reliable, precise in-furrow application of liquids. Simplicity, reliability, accuracy and flexibility - everything a farmer wants from their liquid delivery system.

"It will be easier to upgrade to multiple liquids, section control and chemical injection when it suits the user. Giving farmers the opportunity to grow with the technology when they are ready, extending the longevity and usage of the equipment."

The controlled positive pressure "Stacker" distribution kit configures to suit any size air tool or planter, different openers, application rates, products and row spacing for even and precisely-targeted liquid application.

Plug-n-play integration with all leading precision ag displays and controllers is easy with off-the-shelf LQS adaptor looms. A range of ISOBus control options are available.

Liquid Systems impresses farmers

Andrew and Tim Polkinghorne, SA: "Our country is stony, so we have to slow down when seeding, with Liquid Systems, you can still maintain a continuous stream and that's an important part of achieving a positive field response. It changed the profitability of our farm dramatically."

Sam Kelly, NSW: "Liquid Systems equipment was Trimble-ready, allowing me to plug it straight in and operate off the one screen. The metering gives accuracy, which saves money. You're saving money all the time, which means you get back the cost of the system tenfold."

Andrew Hansen, SA: "The level of accuracy and consistency that the Liquid Systems equipment provides also means you're not wasting product. So, for budgeting, it's very good and also for consistency of application right across the paddock."

Lee Lonergan, NSW: "It's critical for the liquid application to be very accurate to make the numbers work. With this system, each seed gets just the right amount, so there's no wastage and it's applied right at the seed source."

Travis Stanley, WA: "We're using 30 per cent less nitrogen because it's where it needs to be and is more available to the seed. We used to broad spray 45L/ha in front of our seeders and now we inject 30L/ha on average with variable rate technology in-furrow."

Wick Daymon, SA: "Our main holding tank has three compartments, so we can have three different products that can't be mixed together in bulk form, we wanted to put the two different products - liquid phosphorous and UAN - out at the sowing boot. What the twin stacker allows us to do is pump different products, metered at different rates into the sowing furrow."


Call and chat with Liquid Systems' team of industry experts to assist, advise and support.

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