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New chemical batching system answers need for accuracy

Jon Dowding, McIntosh Distribution, with the new Batchmaster 1200 chemical batching system, which is set to further improve application accuracy for growers.

THE industry message to mix and rotate chemicals for improved effectiveness and reduced resistance, combined with the pressure to limit usage due to rising input costs, has meant application accuracy has never been so important.

The Batchmaster chemical batching system, which can easily be transported on the tray of farm utes, has been assisting precise applications for numerous growers and latest developments with the units are set to lift accuracy levels even higher.

The new Batchmaster 1200 systems, manufactured in South Australia and available through the McIntosh & Son branch network in WA, now incorporate weigh scales to accurately measure chemical products by weight.

Previous systems used flow meters to measure the volume of product applied, while some growers also use measuring sticks, however Jon Dowding with McIntosh Distribution, distributors of Batchmaster, said these instruments were not necessarily accurate.

“The density of chemicals can change depending on the time of day and weather conditions, so relying on flow meters and measuring sticks can be unreliable,’’ Jon said.

“By using weigh scales incorporated into the legs of the Batchmaster 1200, growers can measure products by weight, which accounts for any density changes, and it will provide a measure of the correct volume.

“Measuring by weight provides the greatest accuracy. High density products can throw-out flow meter measurements and adding oil rather than water adds further complications, so using weigh scales helps ensure the accuracy.’’

He said via the opening and closing of a few valves on the Batchmaster 1200, adding chemicals into the units according to specific weights was easy.

While other chemical batching systems mostly have a capacity of 800 litres, the latest Batchmaster also has increased its capacity to 1200L, which has been welcomed by growers considering some of the expanding product mixes applied today.

Jon said other strong features of the new Batchmaster 1200 included a washdown nozzle to wash everything and steel labels on valves for easy identification, while its dual lids incorporated a patented bag knife with one and a container rinse system with the other.

It also comes with the easy-start Honda GX200 motor and market-leading Banjo 3-inch pump and componentry, and it transfers chemical solutions at a fast rate of 1100L per minute.

Jon said while various growers still used their own chemical batching system designs, the Batchmaster 1200 made it easy as an off-the-shelf product complete with all valves “ready to go’’.

The new system has been on display in McIntosh & Son branches across the State and already has attracted a number of customers.

Growers seeking further information about the latest Batchmaster 1200 chemical batching system can contact their nearest McIntosh & Son branch.