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Quality seeding tools from Groundhog Industries

Originally published in Farm Weekly January 26, 2023

Speak to McIntosh & Son about Groundhog Industries for a comprehensive range of seeding tools, knives, boots and much more.

Groundhog Industries is an Australian owned, family run business. All products are designed in Australia by Groundhog and made to the highest quality standards.

The tungsten carbide is applied inhouse in Perth using the best grades.

This year Groundhog has chosen to keep its products competitively priced, with minimal price increases across its range.

Its focus is on providing innovation, quality, value and most importantly listening to its customer’s needs.

Groundhog Industries provide a comprehensive list of consumable tillage products Australia-wide.

It supplies, through its dealer network, a huge range of new parts to owners of quality machines such as DBS, Seed Storm, Equalizer, Flexi-Coil, Primary Sales, Simplicity, John Shearer, Morris, Bourgault, Horwood Bagshaw, Seed Hawk, Seed Master and many others.

Platinum products are in their second season with great results and are the flagship of the tillage equipment range.

They are suited to any existing DBS or Seed Storm bar.

Platinum Quick Adjust Knife and Boot:

When seeding in rocky conditions with any seeding tools, the leverage on the bottom of the knife point is huge.

This force creates tension on the knife holder bolts and can cause the bolts to stretch and loosen.

Sometimes bolts need to be tightened constantly and it creates extra work, stress and parts can get lost in the paddock.

To eliminate this problem, the company has designed and patented a Stabilising Strap to offset the force onto the shank instead of the bolts. Problem solved.

The height of the Platinum knife point can be lowered up or down, with 3 height positions 7 to 9 inch, in 1-inch increments.

It is a simple effective design that does not require specialised tools or fiddly pins.

Groundhog Industries applies double the amount of tungsten on the bottom of its Platinum knifes compared to competitors to increase their life span and provide better value to customers.

Added to this is its retail price is up to 30 per cent lower.

The Platinum knife holder has optional specialised plastic caps to block off the bolt holes located at the front of the holder; this reduces the build-up of dirt inside the holder, assisting in extraction of the knife later.

In combination with its Platinum Knife is its liquid and granular fertiliser boot. Featuring patented tungsten tiles each side to prevent wear.

The liquid tube is protected to ground level. No need for stainless tubing.

Boots can be sold separately and can work in conjunction with other systems.

Platinum Quick Adjust Seeding Tools:

Groundhog listens to farmers and what they want. It knows how important it is to be able to make decisions quickly about crop type or seeding depth on the go.

That’s why it invented a system that allows very quick adjustment of seed depth using one pin and R clip. No loosening bolts and rattle guns.

Simple design is key. Split seeding or inline seeding should be an option at any time, not a set and forget thing.

It should also be affordable. That’s why Groundhog has two separate three inch splitter boots and three Inline closing tools in widths of 30mm, 48mm and 62mm.

All tools can be easily swapped out with one pin. All tools are great value and have a large amount of tungsten applied on each.

All of Groundhog’s parts are backed with a 100 per cent, 12-month, replacement warranty and supported by an Australia-wide dealer network in WA (McIntosh & Son), South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales.

Click here to learn more about the Groundhog range.