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New Morris air carts push seeding performance

Morris 9 series air cart seeding

Duncan Murdoch with national distributor for Morris, McIntosh Distribution, pictured in the company’s assembly area, says the latest Morris 9 Series air carts and range of system refinements all add up to a significant jump in functionality and performance for growers.

GROWERS keen to reach the next level in seeding productivity and efficiency will laud the latest additions and enhancements to the popular Morris range of air seeding carts.


  • Reliable section control technology
  • Three new models on double extra large frames.
  • GEN 5 liquid delivery system

The manufacturer’s 9 Series air carts already are renowned for their accurate product metering and reliable section control technology to prevent overlap and, hence, save on seed and fertilisers, however new larger models and a host of advancements now further improves their suitability for Australian growers.

Duncan Murdoch with national distributor for Morris, McIntosh Distribution, said the larger carts and range of system refinements added up to a significant jump in functionality and performance for growers.

Complementing existing 9 Series models set on regular, large and extra large chassis frames in tow-behind or between configuration are now three new models on double extra large frames.

The Morris 9682 tow-behind or between cart offers 23,462 litres in two tanks, as well as the option of a 5,000L (tow-between) or 7,000L (tow-behind) liquid tank, and the Morris 9843 comprises 29,171L in three tanks also configured in tow-behind or between format, while the tow-behind Morris 91000 offers 35,380L in four tanks. With these larger carts, a complete liquid console system is also available to manage applications from trailing liquid tanks.

Duncan said grower interest in larger, tow-behind and tow-between air carts was increasing in select cropping areas.

“The most common request is a large tank for compound fertiliser and another for seed, plus a liquid tank, and some growers want three tanks plus a liquid tank,’’ he said.

“Whereas other manufacturers can achieve similar capacities using multiple tanks, Morris achieves it with two or three tanks.’’

He said the 9 Series air carts included the optional, fully integrated GEN 5 Liquid Systems console for accurate and even liquid distribution. On larger models, this is also ready to plug and play into trailing tanks using the liquid ready option.

“Growers running larger air carts are wanting 10,000-12,000L liquid tanks.’’

“It can be difficult and expensive for growers to set up liquid delivery systems with tanks, but with the GEN 5 system it is all done. It includes all the hydraulics, valving, electronics, filtering and pressure gauging. You just have to run the suction line to the tank.’’

“We’ve partnered with Liquid Systems for over 15 years. It’s great to work side by side with another Australian company, as it allows both entities to benefit from each other’s product development.”

Duncan said the latest GEN 5 liquid delivery system featured a number of enhancements.

“With the GEN 5 module you can run single and dual liquid applications.’’

“The new system has combined the on/off and control valves into one single valve, so you can turn product on/off almost instantly. This has developed with the introduction of section control, which requires really quick on/off product control.’’

The latest GEN 5 system is also compatible with Dosatron dosing systems.

“This is really significant where products like Impact fungicide or zinc are included with liquid fertiliser. Compared with the previous GEN 4 system, it doesn’t need a return line and so prevents the dilution between primary and secondary mixtures. It is very quick to regulate and now effectively stops the product returning to the tank,’’ Duncan said.

Integrated Morris blockage monitoring with the latest carts is now “section aware’’, eliminating nuisance alarms when used with the manufacturer’s Input Control Technology (ICT).

“The system is aware when sections are turned-off for overlap and so doesn’t give false alarms – and it can be used with single and dual shoot air kits,’’ Duncan said.

Another feature with the latest Morris 9 Series air carts is instead of using flat fan divider heads, growers have the option of Australian-designed and manufactured, stainless steel, upright air kits, ensuring long life and consistent product delivery.

Growers seeking further information on the new Morris C3 Contour drills can contact their nearest McIntosh & Son Dealership.