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Morris Seeding rig featuring 12m Quantum bar and 9 Series Aircart demo

Tamara Hooper

Originally posted in Farm Weekly 1 July 2021

McIntosh & Son

Morris national product manager Duncan Murdoch with the Morris seeding rig consisting of the 12 metre Quantum air drill seeder bar and 9445 air cart, demonstrated on the day.

WITH a vast array of equipment on display the McIntosh & Son Merredin machinery field and demonstration day in Nungarin on Tuesday, June 22, truly had something for everyone including the Morris Seeding rig featuring 12m Quantum bar and 9 Series Aircart.

The Morris seeding rig was the final demo of the day.

Morris national product manager, Duncan Murdoch, said the 12m Quantum seeding bar had 300mm spacings and consisted of a strong frame, with floating draw bar with 3m centres.

“It is a precision seeder,” Mr Murdoch said.

“Morris is unique in that we have the ability to precisely place seed, granular fertiliser and liquid fertiliser.

“We have Australian designed upright air kits and liquid kits, and upright means less blockage.”

A feature of the bar is Auto-Pack, where it maintains a consistent packing force across an entire paddock, regardless of soil type.

“The Auto-Lift function automatically lifts the tyres at the end of the AB line and then put them back into the ground as the machine approaches the next AB line,” Mr Murdoch said.

“This feature significantly reduces the strain on the operator, where most of the operator inputs are required at the end of the row.”

He said the Quantum air drill had developed a reputation for industry leading trash flow and flotation.

Coupled to the Quantum bar was the Morris 9445 Air Cart, with two 7788L granular tanks and a 7000L liquid tank in a tow between configuration.

McIntosh & Son

The popularity of the seeding rig and air cart demonstrations was undeniable.

Mr Murdoch said this was their most popular bin size and configuration, but Morris offered all their sizes in tow between and tow behind configurations.

“Air Carts are available with mechanical ground drive, variable rate and sectional control (Input Control Technology - ICT),” he said.

“Tank sizes range from 6000L to 35,000L in 2, 3 and 4 tank configurations.

“The Topcon X35 monitor has the ability to offer variable rate or sectional control on the Air Carts, as well as Auto-lift and Auto-pack on the Quantum bar.”

He said all new Morris Air Carts were optioned with liquid from 2021 and are fitted with the Liquid Systems Gen 5 console.

“This self-contained system enables full and variable rate or section control liquid and does not require a return tank,” Mr Murdoch said.

“This means that these Air Carts can now be fitted with Dosetrons, without diluting the main tank primary product.”

Morris seeding rigs are also now available with fully integrated Topcon section aware blockage monitoring.