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Gessner deep ripper draws an audience

Tamara Hooper

Originally posted in Farm Weekly 1 July 2021

McIntosh & Son

The Gessner HDR6011 deep ripper sparked plenty of interest and was driven by the Challenger MT 856E tractor

THE McIntosh & Son Merredin branch certainly made it worthwhile for growers who attended their machinery demonstration day, displaying a wide range of farm machinery and vehicles available through their dealership and franchises including the Gessner Deep Ripper.

Maximise your yield potential with Gessner's HDR6011 Hydraulic Deep Ripper (HDR).

For farmers wanting the convenience of hydraulic controlled shanks, the new Gessner Hydraulic Deep Ripper (HDR) has the flexibility of ripping beyond the standard 300 to 500 millimetres, to a depth of 700mm.

McIntosh & Son

The Gessner HDR6011 deep ripper was a popular display & demo

With clever engineering, quality RHS steel with fully welded clamps and bolted frame sections, Gessner’s deep rippers are built to last for decades.

A popular demonstration on the day the Gessner was put through its paces in the field, not disappointing those who were interested.

McIntosh & Son

The ground post Gessner deep ripper demo