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Demand increases for bigger chaser bins

Orginally published on Farm Weekly September 8, 2022

Waringa general manager Sam Abbott (centre), chats with Justin Carruthers and Jamie Clarke, both Lake Grace, about the Elmer’s Haul Master 62 tonne chaser bin with tracks.

THE size of harvesters and bin-busting yields is driving farmers across the country to upgrade their chaser bins to larger sizes.

Waringa Distribution has been importing and distributing bins produced by Elmer’s in Altona, Canada, since 2015.

Waringa general manager Sam Abbott said Elmer’s was a family business and as its owners were also farmers, they had a good understanding of on farm requirements.

He said the two most popular models they offered were the 55-tonne tracked bin and the 41t tandem.

“We started off with their tracked bins and then due to a lot of enquiry and demand from our customers we worked with Elmer’s to develop the tandem axle range,” Mr Abbott said.

“We sell quite a few of our bins with tracks and they are a huge hit. The tracks are not suited to every customer, we do have a lot of people who still like the tyre models, but for flotation and minimising compaction they are a really good option.”

When it comes to what’s driving the investment, Mr Abbott said it was not just the run of good seasons – it was also about efficiency. He said scale systems were a good example, with all their bins going out with load cells this year.

“There’s a huge labour shortage at the moment and being able to run your operation as efficiently as possible is definitely the key,” Mr Abbott said.

“Farmers are generally looking to go to bigger sizes and then obviously bring some of that technology that’s available now into it as well.”

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