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LiuGong mini excavators reach new heights

Orginally published on Earthmoving Equipment Magazine January, 2023

LiuGong’s F-Series mini excavators are drawing attention from operators across Australia.

LiuGong mini excavators, like all machines from the manufacturer’s broad equipment line-up, already punch above their weight in the Australian market. But the new mini excavator F series range is putting them in a new class.

The F-Series improves on the previous E-Series mini excavators, featuring award-winning design and an improved operator environment that provides for higher levels of safety and comfort.

The LiuGong design team combined its extensive research and development with customer insights to produce a machine that could deliver big performance in a compact design.

Mini excavators can handle a plethora of tasks, from foundation work to landscaping, demolition jobs and construction projects, all providing challenges that can include working in confined spaces and with limited visibility.

The development of the LiuGong’s F Series Mini Excavator range focused on delivering a compact design that was easy to transport, powerful and comfortable when at work, simple to use, service and maintain, and which is cost-effective to run.

The option of auto idling is an intelligent feature that decreases and increases engine speed as required, ensuring high levels of fuel efficiency, and high flow auxiliary lines are standard.

An additional counterweight can allow the machines to be fitted with additional work tools to suit multiple job sites, while a range of buckets are available to accommodate various tasks.

The proportional load sensing hydraulics deliver precise and smooth operation for optimal grading performance and control. An electro-proportional auxiliary line provides easy and accurate control of attachments, while new dozer blade geometry allows the bucket and blade to work in harmony together to remove materials.

The machines feature an award-winning design and an improved operator environment for better safety and comfort.

The LiuGong F series range is powered by a fuel efficient, low noise and low emission Stage V Yanmar engines and Kawaski pumps. With hydraulics to match for greater efficiency, operators can expect to reduce fuel consumption significantly compared with the industry average.

The LiuGong 9018, a 1.8T mini-excavator, boasts adjustable tracks and class-leading cab size for operator comfort.

High visibility cabs have ensured an excellent outlook with ROPS and TOPS protection, while ergonomic design has assisted the comfort levels.

Both the 9027 (2.7T) and the 9035 (3.5T) are zero- swing models and operators of the 9035 can expect a comfortable air-conditioned cabin.

Jason Lyall, Business Development Manager for CDA, distributors of LiuGong equipment, said the LiuGong brand was enjoying a spike in demand as more operators were getting to know the equipment, and this would be further propelled by the mini excavator range.

“There continues to be a great response to the brand and product feedback has been really solid,’’ Lyall said.

“When you consider the comparative total cost of ownership and low maintenance associated with LiuGong machines, the decision is an easy one.” He said value for money is a real strength for the LiuGong machines.

“They are easy to use, and customers recognise they are buying a quality machine that does the job at a very affordable price,” Lyall said.

The LiuGong mini excavator range is in now stock and available across the national dealership network, and operators can put them to work at sites with the confidence of access to strong back-up support and parts.

Those interested can find their nearest LiuGong dealership by heading to www.liugongaustralia.com.au

Auto idling is an intelligent feature that decreases and increases engine speed as required.