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First Case 50-tonne CX490D excavator lands in Australia

All Excavator Hire (WA) have been a dominant earth moving company in WA, locally as well as being a supplier to the Kimberly's, Pilbara & the Mid-West.

Matthew Chapman (All Excavator Hire): “My Dad started the business back 27 years ago. He still drives the machines but now my brother & I are

involved in the business. We specialise in predominantly wet hire, with some dry hire and transport throughout WA.”

“Our range of excavators range from 8 -95 tonne with the 95 tonne machines working in the gold mines and the smaller machines in civil construction.”

“How did I come to purchase the CX490? I was offered a trip to go to Case Tomahawk customer centre in Wisconsin USA with McIntosh & Son. While we were over there, they had the 50 tonne machine working on their testing grounds and I was able to test drive it.”

“We came back to Perth and I sat down with Kye (McIntosh & Son) and went through the specs to see if we could get it to suit the Australian Market.”

Dion Voogt (Case Construction): “The machine itself had to be fitted with a fire suppression, we had to do additional auto greasing, but that was all done locally through our dealer McIntosh & Son.”

“So the order was placed and the deal was done!”

Kye Keenan (McIntosh & Son): “7 months later, here we are standing in front of the very first one in Australia”

Matthew: “The CX490D is going to make a difference to the business being the latest and greatest with the Tier 4 Final, as most jobs we go to have a Tier 4 Final requirement.”

“All the government road jobs, everybody wants that environmental machine.”

“This means this will be the first machine that will actually have fully tier 4 Final, as all others have Tier 4 interim.”

“There’s a nice comfort cab for the operator, they’re going to like sitting in there 12 hours a day!”

“Good fuel consumption too, which is one of the main factors with wet hire where we have to supply the fuel.”

“There’s fast hydraulics, and it comes with satellite tracking which is great when working remotely. I can monitor what’s going on, where the hydraulics are or if I’ve got a problem,

"McIntosh & Son can look into it via their computer system and diagnose any problems over the phone.”

“Just everything about it seems to fit the business.”