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Trimble RTX GPS Receiver Changes - Action before 30 September

McIntosh & Son

We would like to inform you about an upcoming Trimble RTX satellite beam transition, which will require Trimble RTX customers to change the frequency and baud rate in the GNSS receiver before September 30, 2021.

Please change the frequency and baud rate on your GNSS receivers to use the new RTXPA satellite:

• Frequency: 1545.2725
• Baud Rate: 1200

This affects all GNSS receivers using CenterPoint RTX, FieldPoint RTX, RangePoint RTX, ViewPoint RTX and xFill correction services on the RTXAP satellite beam.

For for more information, head to: trimble.com/sat.

Feel free to contact our Precision Farming Specialists should you have any queries.

For instructions on how to change receiver follow the pictures below:

FM1000+ frequency:

McIntosh & Son

PIQ frequency:

McIntosh & Son

FM750 frequency:

McIntosh & Son

IntelliView IV frequency:

McIntosh & Son