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Stock available at McIntosh & Son

Originally published in Farm Weekly June 23, 2022

Ben Daniell, sales manager for McIntosh & Son Southern group with New Holland tractor stock, including a T8.410 that had arrived that afternoon

With the end of the financial year looming and farmers wanting to take advatage of tax breaks to upgrade equipment, a frustration for some has been a lack of stock availability.

But this is not the full story for machinery dealers McIntosh & Son, and Devon Gilmour – General Manager for Albany, Esperance, Kulin & Katanning - says they have forward planning to thank when it comes to their current dealership machine stock.

“In the next week there are still lots of opportunities – for both new & used equipment,” Devon said.

“A perfect example is the Harrington Seed Destructor for anyone with a header – they’re in stock right now and are the best value for anyone thinking of reducing their weed seed bank via an impact mill.”

“And we have New Holland tractors arriving as we speak”.

For McIntosh & Son, the key has been to plan not for seasons or sale periods, but for a long-term purchase cycle.

“We’re planning our manufacturer orders 2 years ahead, so there is stock being delivered on a rolling basis,” he said.

“We have our orders allocated for this harvest arriving between June & August, and then another round arriving in January & February next year for those wanting a June 2023 settlement.”

“Planning is critical to ensure a continuing supply of stock and we also need customers to plan out beyond season to season,” he said.

“Like everyone else, we have experienced delays, but because of business considerations made early when the pandemic hit, we’re in a far better place to continue to deliver machines and parts to our customer base.”

“The same concept applies to our parts supply - our pre-season combine parts are already in our dealerships.”

“We saw the writing on the wall 2 years ago and no longer rely on manufacturers to hold parts stock.”

“Our Katanning parts warehouse now has 4 Hanel parts units (12 metre-high units containing 73 shelves, with each shelf holding up to 500kg each, resulting 150 square metres of storage space) that are 70% full and we have another 2 on order. We’ve negotiated return policies with manufacturers so we can stock up and do our best to ensure supply”.

“The industry purchasing cycle has changed forever – it’s 2-2.5 years out as opposed to 6-12months. And we’re making sure we’re staying ahead where we can.”

Growers can contact their local McIntosh & Son dealership or head to mcintoshandson.com.au/stock to view current available units.