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Josh’s Success Sees Growth in Precision Farming Role

Josh White, newly appointed Precision Farming Regional Manager for McIntosh & Son Geraldton, Merredin, Moora and Wongan Hills, infront of a McIntosh & Son MNet reference station.

Former Precision Farming specialist in Moora, Josh White, has recently been appointed Precision Farming Regional Manager for McIntosh & Son Geraldton, Merredin, Moora and Wongan Hills, affirming the dealership group’s commitment to supporting the career development of staff.

“I’m excited to make sure McIntosh & Son is at the front of the technology space, and help farmers achieve their farm technology goals,” Josh said.

“I’ll be supporting our northern dealer group, making sure our staff and customers get the correct training, helping customers work out their farm technology plan, and maintaining and expanding our Mnet network,” said Josh about his plans for his new role.

McIntosh & Son launched MNet in 2021, a cellular RTK (Real Time Kinematics) differential GPS network with over 25 base stations across Western Australia and is attracting increased grower uptake for its improved accuracy, reliability and repeatability with machine guidance compared with existing systems.Josh began his career at McIntosh & Son as an apprentice heavy diesel mechanic. After working in the resource sector, Josh returned to the Moora branch as a technician six years ago before making the move into Precision Farming.

Anthony Ryan, General Manager McIntosh & Son Geraldton, Merredin, Moora and Wongan Hills said Josh’s success in growing the Moora guidance department over the last four years has proven that he has the capabilities to lead the group’s development in the Precision Farming space.

Anthony said Josh was chosen for the role as “he had shown absolute commitment to the development of the Precision Farming channel, with a vision that included group education and training, the constant pursuit of the newest technology, and the willingness to find solutions to our customer’s needs.”

“He has great knowledge of precision farming solutions and challenges, and what lays ahead for the industry.”

“His clear understanding of technology platform integrations is where the real magic occurs.”

“Josh knows the technology and how to apply it, which is why he’s known to be among the best in the industry,” Anthony said.

“The development of our service departments, especially in our younger technicians, is where Josh’s experience and dedication to his craft will be evident. The idea that the group will collectively grow in understanding, implementation and building solutions for the future is exciting.”

“We are dedicated to educating our teams and making sure we are ready for the future - and a big part of that will be autonomy and innovation,” Said Anthony. “Josh’s guidance knowledge will make sure our customers and our teams are on the right path to success.”

Josh plans to continue the development and education of the group's service departments, so that “the group is collectively ready for the exciting future of new technological developments that are around the corner”.