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"Most recommended" apprentice program now taking applicants

McIntosh & Son

Intake for applicants is open for 2022 students interested in the apprenticeship program offered by the McIntosh & Son, with training by their in-house Registered Training Organisation (McRTO).

All training is facilitated at either McIntosh & Son Katanning or Wongan Hills.

McRTO Lecturer, Steve Wierobiej, said students can get real-world experience in their place of work and world-class facilities.

“We have, at any given time, access to machines that are currently in the premises for training purposes.”

“We can commandeer them for a day or two or simply go out to field if we’re trying to demonstrate something to do a physical representation of something we’re learning.”

“That’s just not something that is available with traditional courses.”

With course content designed and tailored specifically for the agricultural industry, McRTO-graduated students have an advantage over other organisations.

Steve said the majority of learning is electronic-based, meaning content can be updated frequently to stay modern and relevant.

“Every new apprentice has a laptop. We do as much as we can through computers.”

“The technology side of it is leaps and bounds above what you’d get at another training organisation.”

Steve said course content is also able to be specifically tailored to benefit McIntosh & Son customers.

“We can provide the best and most appropriately trained technicians to suit the changing demands of our client base.”

“I couldn’t recommend the program more for any apprentices looking for an opportunity to get into the heavy diesel industry.”

“The training facility, the working conditions and the technical support they have access to is definitely above and beyond anything else.”

McRTO coordinator, Paul Berghella, said the “birth” of McRTO was the need to introduce a program that would have graduates ready to make an impact in the Agricultural industry.

“We knew we needed a different educational approach that third party training was not provided to meet the contemporary needs of the industry.

“Farmers are requiring higher skilled technicians to help them navigate the proliferation of products that are being offered.

“We see our role as a machinery dealer to ensure we can meet our customers’ needs and that’s why we are placing so much emphasis on training and careers in ag.

“Students will have our complete network of support to help them achieve a professional level of competency for whatever career path they choose.”

“That sort of service cannot be replicated by other training centres.”

Steve and Paul both said their students graduate industry-ready, specialised in their field, and have long term career prospects within McIntosh & Son.

Current certificates available through McRTO are:

  • AUR30420 Certificate III in Agricultural Mechanical Technology
  • AUR20220 Certificate II in Automotive Air-Conditioning Technology
  • There will be the opportunity for dual trade to auto electrics in the future and apprentices graduate with ongoing employment and progression with McIntosh & Son.

    Apprenticeship applications for the 2022 intake are between 1 August 2021 and 31 August 2021.

    For more information, contact People & Development Manager Jennie Lamb at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or register your interest via our careers page