Gessner Industries

The ultimate in Australian-made deep tillage solutions.

Gessner Industries are widely recognised as a leader in tillage equipment, with a reputation for quality, well-designed, hard wearing products. They have a reputation of providing products that will operate in hostile environments with little maintenance, consistent output and sold at a price that reflects value for money.

Whether it’s a deep ripper, seeding bar, chisel plough or heavy-duty cultivator, Gessner’s machinery is built to last and perform well in the harshest conditions.


Gessner deep rippers are available in hydraulic release (HDR) or shear release (Rhino) models.

Hydraulic Deep Ripper (HDR-6011)

The standard HDR range is available in 9,11 and 13 shank configurations covering working widths of 4.5m-6.5m with custom designed models also available up to 12m wide with shank spacings of 450mm – 1000mm.
HDR frames are manufactured from 200mm x 200mm x 12mm RHS and are fitted with 500/60 x 22.5 floatation wheels.

  • Rip depths up to 700mm
  • High tensile tynes and tungsten wear-parts, replaceable points and shinguards
  • 11-shanks at 545mm spacing providing a true 6m wide ripping swath and an underframe clearance of 1075mm
  • Recommended tractor horsepower is 40-45hp per tyne assembly
  • Hydraulic controlled tyne breakout via dual accumulator system rated at 3,000kg
  • Optional hydraulic crumble roller

Rhino Ripper

The Rhino "V" ripper has an underframe clearance of 915mm and can rip to a depth of 700mm. Ripping shank is protected by a 10 tonne breakout shear pin.
The main frame features 250mm x 150mm x 9mm RHS and is fitted with two pair of heavy duty 9.00 x 20 dual wheels on the 7, 9, 11 and 13 shank configurations.

  • Working widths from 3.5m – 6.5m with shank spacings of 500mm.
  • High tensile tynes and tungsten wear-parts, replaceable points and shinguards
  • Hydraulic crumble rollers available to suit all models
  • 32mm high-tensile shanks with 10 tonne breakout force
  • Hydraulic top-link levelling
  • Optional hydraulic crumble roller
Big Buck
  • 178 x 178 x 9.5mm SHS toolbars
  • Bolted CAT 2-3 and CAT 3 three point linkage hitches or trailing rigid hitch
  • 1000mm spreader bars on linkage frames, 1400mm spreader bars on trailing frames
  • 194 x 14 wheels on 7 & 9 shank machines, 7.50 x 16 wheels on 11, 13 and 15 shank machines
  • F77, A77 and HR tyne assemblies are available in 7, 9, 11, 13 and 15 shank configurations as standard. Custom machine sizes and tyne configurations are available to suit customer requirements
  • High quality accumulator and industry standard hydraulic fittings feature on models fitted with HR tynes.

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