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Integrated Harrington Seed Destructor

Integrated Harrington Seed Destructor

McIntosh & Son Katanning branch manager Devon Gilmour, spent most of his time at last week's Expo explaining the workings of the new Integrated Harrington Seed Destructor. And in between gasps of breath, extolling the virtues of the New Holland CR 10.90 header pictured behind him. It was a big day for the dealership which also took naming rights for the event and smiles from company representatives indicated the sponsorship was a good move.

MCINTOSH & Son has taken on the national distributorship of the Integrated Harrington Seed Destructor.

And at last week’s Expo in Mingenew, staff were kept busy answering farmer queries on its claimed ability to destroy 99 per cent of weed seeds.

According to McIntosh & Son Katanning branch manager Devon Gilmour, the new model is a bolt-on module with two mills replacing existing spinners on the rear of the header.

Each mill contains a rota mill and a stator mill which counter-rotate at 3000rpms, which sees weed seeds virtually obliterated as they move through vertical vanes.

The mills only collect the chaff containing the weed seeds off the sieves with straw conventionally fed to choppers or out the back.

According to Devon, the integrated unit looks like it is factory-fitted.

“It has its own cooling and pump system which are mounted in the engine bay and the mills are driven by two 90cc motors,” he said.

“The cooling system on the header is not affected by this unit and you won’t get any parasitic loss of power running the header.”

According to Devon, a limited number of the units have been released for this harvest to ensure proper monitoring before full commercial release for the 2017 harvest.

“They also can be retro-fitted,” he said.

The New Holland CR10.90 in the background will be fitted with an integrated unit for its demonstration program this harvest.