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The latest in New Holland Technology

McIntosh Group CEO David Capper and McIntosh & Son Geraldton branch manager Craig Adjuk with New Hollands New T9 Tractor

McIntosh Group CEO David Capper and McIntosh & Son Geraldton branch manager Craig Ajduk with New Hollands New T9 Tractor

THE latest technological innovations were on display in New Holland’s new T8 and T9 tractor range at the McIntosh & Son New Holland roadshow, the first in a series of dates, just east of the Geraldton last Thursday.

Having only recently arrived in Australia, the new models, loaded with PLM Intelligence technology onboard, have taken the technology frontier to the next level according to McIntosh & Son Geraldton branch manager Craig Ajduk.

The intuitive technology is controlled from a 12 inch IntelliView ™ 12 monitor that delivers real-time remote insights. Owners receive a free five-year MyPLM Connect telematics subscription that offers advanced remote access and support and includes complimentary access to New Holland’s Breakdown Assist service.

Another new feature is IntelliTurn ™, an intelligent end-of-row turn system, which is coupled to the IntelliSteer ™ auto-guidance system. Operators can now program work areas and the system responds by plotting the most efficient turns, delivering even more automation.

12 inch IntelliView ™ 12 monitor in action delivering real-time remote insights

12 inch IntelliView ™ 12 monitor in action delivering real-time remote insights

McIntosh & Son Geraldton Sales team member Craig Harrington trials the IntelliView ™ technology

Craig Harrington, McIntosh & Son Geraldton Sales, trials the IntelliView ™ technology

All this is tucked inside the comfortable cabin that has wider side windows and better access, as well as integrated cameras into the hood that provide a wide operator view.

“For our clients, the latest technology from the New Holland T8 and T9 range with PLM Intelligence will become the benchmark of what to look for,” Mr Ajduk said.

He said the latest features allowed farmers to optimise their field office capacity, improve efficiencies, as well as getting more real-time data, which can be accessed from the home office.

“From our growers’ perspective, it gives them the ability to use the tractor cab as a fully-integrated office, and with remote access they can see what their workers are doing and what is happening in the paddock – and it’s all easy to use.”

Mr Ajduk said the T8 range, which is offered in 320 - 435 horsepower (hp) configurations, were ideal for spreading and chaser bin work.

He said they were a versatile tractor with a good weight capacity and can be reconfigured with dual wheels.

“The bigger T9 model, available between 450-670 hp, is very similar to the T8 in terms of technology and the PLMi innovations. It also includes the enhanced cab design and its visibility is as good as anything, if not better than anything else in the market,” Mr Ajduk said.

The drive event was held the day after solid rainfall across many years, which he described as “spectacular”.

“A lot of the growers in our eastern areas and north eastern areas would be smiling strongly with good rainfall figures from 30 up to 100mm, so spraying and ripping will be full-on,” Mr Ajduk said.

“It is just a nice positive start and a beautiful cool day which doesn’t happen in March very often.”

Also on hand to chat with local McIntosh & Son staff and farmers was New Holland WA sales manager Trevor Ayres.

He said it was good to see the latest New Holland machines and other products that the local dealership had on offer, in a working environment.

“I think it is very important to have visibility out there of the new products and the tractor range we have got now,” Mr Ayres said of the new models.

“It is a change from what we have done in the market in recent years.

“It gives farmers an opportunity to call in and see the whole range of products in the once place, at the one time.”

This was the first of many upcoming drive days and Mr Ayres said they would have a different set of machines featured at similar events across the state.

“With the T8 and T9 upgrades and the new PLM Intelligence range, connecting farmers with the data and information they need is a step forward to where we need to go,” he said.

“That is what the farmers are now expecting and that is what we are delivering.”

For more information on the McIntosh & Son New Holland roadshow series, including state-wide dates and locations, head to our event page.