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New Holland T8 & T9 Series Release – with PLMi

We spoke to Dalby Dealer principal Cameron Jordan about the new T8 Series from New Holland, available at the branch for inspection now.

McIntosh & Son

What is it about the new release features that has got everyone talking?

To keep it simple, more power and productivity.

The updates have created the most powerful and connected tractor from New Holland thus far.

New developments enable customer to vehicle connectivity, allowing your farm business to be run from the cab, office, or the other side of the world. The 5-year MyPLM Connect advanced package telematics subscription comes standard and allows users to receive real-time information on every machine working in their field, thanks to new mobile telephone technology.

The goal of this is to improve productivity and reduce downtime.

What’s new about the upgrades?

The T8 & T9 tractors is different from other models, as it is the first tractor on the market to fully integrate New Holland’s advanced PLM Intelligence Platform.

In partnership with this, the redesigned MyPLM Connect Farm app has been designed and updated to enhance the user’s experience and make it more accessible in daily life.

This means is that you are always connected to insights, information and support. There are intuitive controls that can be easily customised to the tasks at hand. The 2021 MyPLM Connect Farm app has been updated to include support for prescriptions, tillage and large square balers. The update also includes new layer visualisations and machine utilisation maps.

New LED work lights turn night into day, delivering up to 25% more visible light for greater awareness of surroundings.

In addition, the Cursor 9’s engine 600-hour service intervals allow greater productivity and more time in the field.

How will this help farmers?

Growers can manage their machine from the comfort of their home or office, making accessibility easier than ever.

The redesigned MyPLM Connect Farm app allows data access by the user anywhere, anytime.

For example, growers can now view field-specific data, such as activity layers, scouting observations and soil zone data. Users can now also select specific bale drop locations which provides information of each bale within the field. Information for each bale includes wet/dry weight, moisture percentage, density, capacity and flakes per bale.

Dealer-to-Vehicle connectivity helps minimise downtime with proactive support, remote monitoring, diagnostic and in-field software updates. Using the simple interface, users are able to share and analyse data, to stay completely connected. This allows connectivity between operators, vehicles, dealers and advisors.

What’s feedback been like so far?

Dalby Dealer Principal, Cameron Jordan said they are a versatile tractor with a good weight capacity. “The ability for operators to control their business from the comfort of their cabs is a big selling point for the T8’s and T9’s.

“From our growers’ perspective, it gives them the ability to use the tractor cab as a fully-integrated office, and with remote access they can see how their machines are performing and what is happening in the paddock when they are not there – and it’s all very easy to use.”

“The enhanced cab design and visibility is superior, if not better than anything else in the market.”

PLM Marketing Manager Luke Zerby says “precision farming is absolutely needed moving forward. The fact that we have gone to the most completely integrated system allows us to be faster with updates and bring more features to the customers.”

Swiderski Equipment employee Josh Falkowski says, “essentially you can configure this thing to do whatever you want.”

“You can switch your remotes right at the touch of a finger.”

When speaking about the new Infoview TM Dash Display, Josh said ‘New Holland did a great job of thinking of what needed to be done in the operator environment as far as being productive and also comfortable.”

“It really simplifies what has been a struggle before.”

Any changes to power?

The new series is the productive combination of horsepower and digital power.

The 8.7 litre FPT Industrial Cursor 9 engine sets the standard for engine performance, dependability and efficiency, while complying with Stage IV emissions standards.

The new model has 600-hour service interval to maximise productivity. With Engine Power Management, the engine develops more power and torque according to the load on the transmission, hydraulics and PTO.

These tractors can deliver extra horsepower, but only when it is needed to maintain performance.

What’s the feel of the cab?

The operator environment has been developed to create an ergonomic, spacious and practical cab.

There’s an ultra-wide opening door, separate tilt and telescopic steering, front and rear sun visors, two-zone cooling system and enlarged wing mirrors all to create a superior cab experience.

More accessible storage, power ports, egress lights and a new, more comfortable seat has been added as well as an optional Semi-Active cab suspension system.

The system uses a network of sensors that monitor cab position, velocity and acceleration, to help cushion the ride for a genuine comfort advantage.

Many of the new range features need to be seen, felt, and experienced to be fully appreciated – with limited global stock, McIntosh & Son Dalby are pleased to have secured a T8.350 PLMi available for inspection now.

Contact the sales team at Dalby today to check it out today.