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Merlo Turbo Farmer 42.7 and Multi Farmer 40.9 put to the test

Tamara Hooper

Originally posted in Farm Weekly 1 July 2021

McIntosh & Son

Merlo Australia business development manager Chris Milentis is pictured with the Merlo Turbo Farmer 42.7 and Merlo Multi Farmer 40.9

THE McIntosh & Son Merredin branch certainly made it worthwhile for growers who attended their machinery demonstration day, displaying a wide range of farm machinery and vehicles available through their dealership and franchises including the Merlo Turbo Farmer 42.7 (TF 42.7) and Multi Farmer 40.9 (MF 40.9)

The Merlo TF 42.7 was specifically designed for agricultural use, according to Merlo Australia business development manager, Chris Milentis.

The 108 kilowatt (145hp) machine has been redesigned, with cab suspension levelling, new chassis, cab, engine and boom.

“The new cab offers exceptional air conditioning, heating and overall comfort for the operator,” Mr Milentis said.

The Merlo Multi Farmer 40.9 is the top of the range and their largest agricultural machine.

“It is a mix of a telehandler and a tractor,” Mr Milentis said.

“It has a 32 tonne towing capacity and mechanical PTO.

“It is 170 horsepower returning 150-160hp to the PTO.”

He said it has OEM, LED work lights and an inbuilt CDC safety system.

“It is a constant safety system that is always evolving and reading what is on the boom to prevent tipping and rolling,” Mr Milentis said.

“It also has self recognition of Merlo implements/attachments and will automatically recalculate [accordingly].”

It has a breakout force like a loader operation and the boom sits right against the chassis enabling the driver to have 360o visibility, even to the back right hand corner.

The technology includes scales, which are extremely useful.

“It reads the weight of the loads,” Mr Milentis said.

“You can see how much product you have put into each paddock. We conducted a test with an Agri-Spread and it was very accurate.”