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What is Cel-Fi Go?

McIntosh & Son

What is Cel-Fi Go?

Cel-Fi Go is a smart signal repeater, used to increase signal indoors and outdoors using one unit.
It works to improve mobile reception in your vehicle, by receiving the network signal,
amplifying it and then re-transmitting it within the vicinity of your vehicle.

Where do I start?

Decide which Cel-Fi is the best fit for you:

Are you on the road or in the field?
The Cel-Fi GO RV/Trucker pack is the ideal product for you.
With marine, caravan or car mounts, you can keep your 3G/4G signal where ever you go.
Its ability to boost a weak mobile signal in remote areas within your car or cab is sure to be a valuable addition.
No more dropped calls!

Have black reception spots in your home?
The Cel-Fi Go Home Pack is the best fit for you.
One unit can cover up to 900sqm (and multiple options covering even further)
so you can be sure the signal will reach even the darkest corners of your home or property.

Often hopping between vehicles and locations?
The Cel-Fi Go Cellmate is a handy portable mobile repeater that can be switched between vehicles and locations with ease.
The hard-wearing case is guaranteed to make life a lot easier by ensuring you’ll never need to worry about finding yourself without signal while switching between a fleet,
multiple machines or locations.

Need signal for the whole/large property?
Cel-Fi Go has an Indoor/Outdoor pack that includes a Cel-Fi Go repeater, internal antenna and external antennas,
panel antenna with mount, wireless 2-way splitter + required cables that will come in handy for those wanting to cover a large property,
both in their homes and outside.

The Cel-Fi is carrier specific, so you need to purchase according to whichever mobile network you use.
The device also must be registered with the carrier using a smartphone app.

How is Cel-Fi Go installed?

1. The donor antenna is mounted on the exterior of the vehicle.

McIntosh & Son

2. The service antenna will be installed towards the front of the vehicle. Ideally, there should be substantial material,
like the metal of the roof, between the Donor and Service Antennas, to improve isolation.
The service antenna that connects to your mobile device will be out of sight of the donor antenna.

McIntosh & Son

3. A good location will be found to mount your Cel-Fi Go.
The location should have airflow and be secure from contact with external objects,
as well as within cable range of the 12V power supply on your vehicle.

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4. Both antennas will now be connected to the Cel-Fi Go unit.
It is now safe to be turned on and the mode selected.

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Remember: Your Cel-Fi GO is only carrier approved if installed correctly.
Only qualified and trained resellers should perform installation of Cel-Fi GO.
Misuse of this equipment could result in injury and equipment damage.

Why do I need a Cel-Fi Go?

Your Cel-Fi GO can be used to improve the mobile coverage for many types of applications including homes, offices, cars, trucks and machinery.
A single unit can provide up to 900m2 of indoor coverage and multiple units can increase coverage even further.
Cel-Fi GO is also the only device that has been approved by all networks in Australia.
It has also been tested, authorised and approved by Telstra for use on the Telstra Mobile Network.

How much does it cost?

The Cel-Fi Go RV/Trucker pack is $1, 042.00 plus GST.
The pack includes the Cel-Fi GO repeater, antennas and required cables.

Other Cel-Fi Go packages are available.
Please contact your local McIntosh & Son salesperson for more information.