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New Holland systems recognised at SIMA

McIntosh & Son

New Holland received the silver medal in the "From Harvest to Storage" category for NutriSense, the in-harvest nutrient analysis system at the SIMA 2021 Innovation Awards last week.

NEW Holland Agriculture’s innovation in combine harvesters have been rewarded with silver and bronze medals for the in-harvest nutrient analysis system, NutriSense and the cleaning system pressure sensors respectively at the SIMA 2021 Innovation Awards.

New Holland brand president Carlo Lambro said farmers strived to operate sustainably, “the collection of agronomic data takes on fundamental importance in enabling them to make informed decisions to maximise their sales”.

“As equipment manufacturers, it is our role to leverage technology to support them,” Mr Lambro said.

“The two innovations awarded address two important issues they face with the harvest, helping them to make informed decisions – one with agronomic data they can use to market their crops most profitably, the other enables them to take proactive actions to reduce grain losses as they are harvesting.

“The integration of the Near Infrared (NIR) sensor enables the analysis, recording and mapping of crop composition during harvest.

“Operation was based on the measurement of the absorption of electromagnetic radiation in NIR.

“This enables farmers to get the most from the sale of their crops, as the price is linked to the harvest quality (according to parameters such as protein or fat content).

“They can also enhance the nutritional value of varieties for animal feed, and mix different grain grades to achieve a certain quality and target industry standards.”

With the NutriSense system, customers can improve the agronomic knowledge of their fields.

While it is impossible for a farmer to know the amount of nitrogen absorbed by the plant, by mapping the protein level in the grain, NutriSense users will see the status of nitrogen exported by the plant, so that they will be able to modulate their nitrogen supply accordingly.

The NutriSense system uses the proven NIR sensor that is used on the brand’s combines and forage harvesters for other functionalities, such as measuring crop moisture.

McIntosh & Son

New Holland was awarded the bronze medal at the SIMA 2021 Innovation Awards in the 'Parts, Services and Onboard Electronics' category for the cleaning system pressure sensors.

In the near future, the NutriSense system will be available also on New Holland large square balers. The company’s patented cleaning shoe pressure analysis system also enables a faster harvesting speed while pursuing maximum quality.

The system measures the pressure in the cleaning shoe, up and below sieves, and alerts the operator is if it is overloaded or not.

This helps make informed decisions on any adjustments to make.

This new parameter can be viewed on the Intelliview IV display, so that the operator can set up the machine quickly and easily, and proactively make decisions to reduce losses and increase daily productivity.

The pressure sensors integrated into the cleaning system provide real-time information to the operator, enabling them to optimise the harvest and anticipate cleaning shoe overloads.

They will have better control of the machine, which will result in less grain losses.

The SIMA awards, which recognises the most innovative equipment, products, technologies and services, were announced in a virtual ceremony broadcast on April 22. The silver medal was awarded in the ‘From Harvest to Storage’ category for NutriSense, the in-harvest nutrient analysis system and the bronze medal was awarded in the ‘Parts, Services and Onboard Electronics’ category for the cleaning system pressure sensors.