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McIntosh & Son Hosts Data Deep Dive Event for Local Agronomists and Farm Advisors

Sagar Vaghasiya, McIntosh & Son Precision Farming Specialist for the Northern Group, spoke to agronomists and farm advisors about the importance of data management workflow.

McIntosh & Son recently hosted a Data Deep Dive event in Geraldton, bringing together local agronomists and farm advisors for a session and discussion on data management.

Attendees were provided with comprehensive training on the CNH AFS & PLM Connect portals, with a focus on data management workflow.

Danny Main, Precision Technology Specialist from CNH, added value to the day by sharing his expertise and insights.

Josh White, Precision Farming Northern Group Regional Manager at McIntosh & Son, said he was excited about the success of the day and the positive impact it will have on the company's relationships with industry professionals.

"Hosting events like this allows us to collaborate with agronomists and farm advisors, understanding their needs to create solutions that make their lives easier," Josh said.

"This, in turn, contributes to the ease of operations for farmers and enhances our overall effectiveness in the industry."

The event showcased the company's commitment to empowering professionals in the agriculture industry with cutting-edge technology.

“There is a strong interest in staying ahead of the latest advancements in technology – so we wanted to offer the opportunity learn and discuss these leaps from each other,” Josh said.

Danny Main, Precision Technology Specialist from CNH shares his insights on AFS & PLM Connect portals at a Data Deep Dive event in Geraldton, hosted by McIntosh & Son.

Key discussion points included the introduction and benefits of the portals, emphasising the significance of connectivity.

“Notably, the elimination of USB usage allows for seamless data retrieval from machines without the need to be physically present.”

“This enables agronomists and farm advisors to access yield data promptly, without having to wait for farmers to finish their season,” said Josh.

“The ability to set up and reuse management zones for prescription maps that they can reuse further streamlines their workflow, with AFS and PLM portals serving as a reliable conduit for data flow.”

McIntosh & Son is committed to building on the success of this event, with plans to expand into areas such as Wongan Hills and Cunderdin.

For more information, or if you wish express your interest to have a similar event in your region, contact your local precision farming specialist at McIntosh & Son, or head to mcintoshandson.com.au.