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Sprayer Demonstrations Help Improve Grower Applications

Miller Nitro Condor McIntosh and Son

The Miller Condor GC Series rear-mount sprayer and popular Miller Nitro 6000 Series front-mount sprayer with Miller Spray-Air technology prepare for another demonstration.

Miller Condor McIntosh and So

A Miller Condor GC 300 sprayer in action during demonstrations, sporting the new extended 6000-litre tank.

Published in Farm Weekly November 1, 2018

Ongoing demonstrations of Miller sprayers across the country this season have focused on assisting growers with their applications to help improve the results of their spray treatments.

The demonstrations have featured the popular Miller Spray-Air technology, flagship Nitro 6000 Series sprayers and the Condor GC Series, as well as products like the Hawkeye Pulse Width Nozzle spraying system.

Jon Bent with the national distributor for Miller, McIntosh Distribution, said previous demonstrations highlighted all the main features of the machines, including tank sizes, power and boom widths, whereas the latest events had focused on helping growers to get their applications right.

“In addition to looking over the machines, we have wanted to ensure that growers are getting the maximum benefit from their product applications – that they are getting the results they want,’’ Jon said.

Miller Spray-Air uses air-assist and air-atomisation technology, forming one powerful spray nozzle system. Growers have fingertip control of the droplet size and speed of the air delivery for any spraying application. They can consistently atomise spray droplets in a range from 200-500 millilitres per minute per nozzle – spaced 25 centimetres apart.

Jon said coverage was a critical factor and water sensitive paper testing had been performed to demonstrate the benefits of Spray-Air at reduced carrier volumes, before adjustments were made to achieve the particular coverage growers wanted.

“The demonstrations showed the results with growers’ machines, or a similar conventional nozzle set up, compared with the results from the Spray-Air system at half the water rate,’’ Jon said.

“As a general rule, the starting point with Spray-Air is to use 50 per cent of the water rate.

“When we deliver machines to customers, particularly with Spray-Air, we do similar work with them to ensure they get what they are wanting from their spray applications.’’

The Spray-Air system, available on all Miller sprayers, also allows flexible spraying options.

“It effectively offers four booms in one. In certain situations, some growers say they still want to use high water rates in a conventional spraying scenario – and with the Miller Spray-Air they can do this. They can spray using conventional nozzles, they can use Spray-Air, they can spray conventionally with air, or they can go with a combination of the two, which can be especially effective with fungicides,’’ Jon said.

“Given the current focus on the new 2,4-D rules, we are also making sure growers have all the options covered in this space.’’

The Hawkeye Pulse Width Nozzle system, also available on all Miller self-propelled (SP) sprayers, maintains droplet size as the speed of the sprayer changes. It features instant on/off, turning compensation and optional individual nozzle control.

The new Miller drive system and associated traction control, providing up to 35pc fuel savings compared with equivalent-sized machines, continues to be the drawcard of the Miller Nitro 6000 Series front-mounted sprayers, offering new levels of efficiency and reliability.

The patented Hydralink suspension system, providing unparalleled boom ride and ride comfort, also has impressed growers.

The Miller Condor GC Series with rear-mounted booms also featured at the events, demonstrating its favourable performance, ride and fuel efficiency compared with other popular rear-mount sprayers.

Providing a lower price entry into the SP sprayer market, the mechanical two-wheel drive Condor GC sprayer, powered by a 6.7-litre Cummins engine, also now comes with an increased tank size from 4500L up to 6000L.

Miller sprayers are available with a range of boom sizes, up to a 48.5-metre Pommier aluminium boom.

Growers are encouraged to contact their local Miller dealer to secure machines for early 2019, with delayed payment terms also available.