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Smooth ride delivers better spray result

Miller Nitro McIntosh & Son

Malcolm Bear (left), McIntosh & Son parts manager, Mike Symes, Miller Sales for WA and Ben Davies, McIntosh & Son Geraldton service technician, in front of the Miller Nitro 7000 series SP Sprayer.

ONE OF THE biggest advantages of the latest Miller Nitro 7000 series self-propelled sprayers is the suspension, according to Mike Symes, Miller Sales for WA, McIntosh Distribution.

He made the comment at the New Holland machinery roadshow that McIntosh & Son hosted at Moonyoonooka.

Mr Symes said the suspension has been a key selling point for the Miller Nitro since the 4000 series featured the long trailing arm suspension set-up, which significantly reduced the amount of body roll in the machine’s chassis.

“Minimising the body roll of the chassis minimises roll of the boom, so it’s easier to keep at your boom at its best average spraying height,” Mr Symes said.

The 7000 series features a factory-fitted Raven XRT auto-height system.

“It is a faster, radar-based system that offers greater feedback than the original ultrasonic system. We have inertia and position sensors located on the chassis and boom. This means there are multiple data points for collection to provide the most accurate boom height, rather than just an ultrasonic height-from-target calculation.

“Great feedback on the 7000 series from customers who owned previous series models has included its improved ground following ability – it leads to more time spraying at optimal spraying height.”

Mr Symes said this was the ultimate goal of any boomspray for maximum chemical efficacy.

“Previously, to mitigate against ground strike at speed, boom height was compromised, decreasing in spraying effectiveness.”

“In a Miller, with its front-mounted boom, you have full visibility whilst working. Couple this with an exceptional auto-height system, a chassis that minimises body roll, we get greater consistency when spraying,” Mr Symes said.

More of the significant improvements of the Miller Nitro 7000 series release has been the increase in power, torque and fuel efficiency.

When CNHi purchased Miller around six years ago, a natural progression was to utilise the CNHi-owned Iveco power plant.

The Nitro models now range from 380hp - 420hp, producing a 15-20 per cent increase in torque, with customers reporting better fuel efficiency and an improved driver experience.

The 7000 series models also feature a Iveco Tier 2 engine, eliminating the need for AdBlue.

“Iveco Tier 2 engines reduce fuel consumption. They also come with a variable speed engine fan, increasing the cooling area and cooling capacity, so we’re burning fuel more efficiently” Mr Symes said.

“A variable-speed engine fan has the ability to spin at just off idle, delivering massive fuel savings as well.”

“Growers have noted a large reduction in fuel consumption. We’ve had reports of the 7000 series engines now only burning about 0.45 to 0.55 litres per hectare.”

Mr Symes said the wide, luxury SprayView cab features a fridge under the air suspension seat and more of an automotive-feel for increased driver comfort.

“This is probably the most comfortable and quiet piece of machinery you will operate in agriculture today,” he said.

Miller Nitro McIntosh & Son

Not only was last week’s drive day a chance for farmers to kick the tyres on the leading brands offered by McIntosh & Son, but also for the company’s technicians and sales team from local dealerships to get a better understanding.