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‘Command’ to trade for more productivity

Hardi Commander II

IT’S the soft voice you hear sometimes when a farm job is not going well.

“Time to trade.”

Generally you’re receptive if the machine you’re operating is being a bit of a pig.

And if you’ve been ruminating this thought in the paddock, by the time you’ve got back to the shed, you’re convinced you’re right.

That’s the emotional management plan.

The other — one followed by Scaddan farmer Daren Curnow and his son Jacko – is an economic assessment of plant and the potential productivity improvement from buying new equipment.

In the Curnows’ case, the purchase of a Hardi Commander II (second generation) 10,000 trailed boom sprayer (10,000 litre capacity) from McIntosh & Son, Esperance, has gained them an extra 26 hectares a load, which is a significant number when you’re dealing with imperfect spraying conditions in tight windows of opportunity.

The Curnows traded a Hardi Commander 8056, which served them well for nearly four years, and at that stage, the 8500L capacity tank was one of the biggest capacity models on the market.

“We were comfortable staying with Hardi because we knew the product and how to quickly solve little issues that can hold you up if you don’t know how to fix them,” Daren said.

“We also knew they were reliable machines and easy to calibrate.

Apart from the bigger 10,000L tank, Hardi has made more improvements with its latest Commander II 6500, 8500 and 10,000 range. All models come standard with many features, including a 730L rinse tank; choice of Eagle, Force, B3 (aluminium) or Terra Force boom, with widths from 24 metres (80ft) to 42.5m (140ft); DynamicFluid4 system; HC 6500 rate controller and TurboFiller.

A range of options includes auto boom height control and boom prime.

The DynamicFluid4 system allows for high speed spraying while managing changes in forward speed, auto section control and variable rate application.

Four sensors in the fluid system monitor flow, pressure, pump rpm and valve angle position parameters with advanced algorithms delivering a pre-emptive capability.

Whereas traditional systems start regulating after the nozzles are turned on, then chase the rate, Hardi says the DynamicFluid 4 holds the target rate whether sections are switched on or off, changing speed or turning, eliminating valve position lag.

An on-board computer processes data 20 times every second and based on the sensor’s known valve position, the DynamicFluid4 ceramic discs rotate to the exact point required to deliver the target rate.

The target rate is available as soon as the nozzles are switched on.

The drop-down integrated TurboFiller provides high capacity chemical mixing transfer and has a lid that can be used as a table.

“We were comfortable staying with Hardi because we knew the product and how to quickly solve little issues that can hold you up if you don’t know how to fix them.” DAREN CURNOW

The TurboFiller mixing action is generated from the centre to the sides and cannot be blocked by dumping dry powder directly onto the deflector.

A clever idea is an optional directional filtered FastFill which allows the operator to connect a FastFill pump to the sprayer-mounted coupling and fill the main tank and rinse tank while filtering the water being loaded.

In operation, Hardi has ensured the compact design of the single axle Commander rides well with a tank design that provides an added measure of balance with more weight on the drawbar.