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Morris takes leap with C2 Contour

Orginally published on Farm Weekly September 8, 2022

Morris Australia product manager Duncan Murdoch (left) and Morris Australia product support Mike Crisp with the Morris C2 Contour.

A SEEDING bar with “exceptional contouring ability” is gaining traction in Western Australia’s Great Southern region.

Morris Australia product manager Duncan Murdoch said the product had been available in Australia for the past 10 years, however it had recently undergone a significant upgrade.

The company has opted to utilise technology from its larger Quantum bar and apply it to the C2 Contour. Chief among this has been fitting the Canadian-made drill with the new Quantum tynes.

“This bar has got a perfect, uninterrupted tyne pattern called Narrow Pattern,” Mr Murdoch said.

“That, combined with the design of the Quantum opener, gives this bar exceptional trash clearance compared to other machines within its class.”

Mr Murdoch said the C2 Contour was probably a market leader with its ability for each tyne to individually follow the ground and place the seed accurately.

“The available spacing widths are 10 inch and 12in and the 10in can also be fitted with a paired row with either a 2, 3 or 4in spacing,” he said.

“With a 4in spacing on your 10in rows you could effectively get back to a 6in/4in, 6in/4in split.”

The C2 Contour is available in 7.5 metre (25 foot) or 9m (31ft) widths and can fold to 3m for transport. Mr Murdoch said this was one of the unit’s main advantages as it could fold up narrower than most single front-wheel assist tractors.

“It has all the technology of the Quantum with regards to the opener, so this one here is fitted with an accumulator and it’s also fitted with the new Australian-designed upright stainless-steel air kits,” he said.

“There’s a bit involved in getting air kits to work in a bar that folds so tight but this one here has been developed and is proving to be very popular in the Eastern States in places like Dubbo, Walla Walla (both New South Wales) and Echuca (Victoria). This one has also got variable packing pressure.”

Mr Murdoch said the bar was aimed at farmers situated in generally high productivity country and cropping about 2000 to 5000 acres (809 to 2023 hectares).

“These farmers are often in high rainfall areas where there’s usually a lot more trees and it’s difficult to get down narrow roads,” he said.

“This is a smaller package designed for high productivity farmers putting in less acres or hectares but with all the constraints some of those areas have.”

Learn more about the Morris C2 Contour here.