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Morris Section Control ‘Demos'

Morris 9 Series

Published in Farm Weekly November 15, 2017

The Morris 9 Series precision air carts with "section control", which are saving growers thousands of dollars in seed and fertiliser costs, are being demonstrated to growers across the wheatbelt during seeding. Growers can contact their nearest Morris dealer to arrange a demonstration.

WA graingrowers have an opportunity this seeding season to get a first-hand look at the latest seeding technology saving thousands of dollars in input costs by eliminating overlap.

McIntosh Distribution is demonstrating the Morris 9 Series precision air carts with Input Control Technology (ICT), or “section control’’, across the wheatbelt through the Morris dealer network.

Via GPS and the Topcon X30 controller with the Morris carts, the gear drive system for the metering wheels can be quickly engaged or disengaged, allowing instantaneous shut-off.

In contrast to other auto shut-off systems, the Morris ICT runs individual metering wheels that can stop product instantly. However, the system remains primed with product and as soon as it re-engages, it returns to the air stream.

The metering accuracy provided by the Morris air carts is also excellent. With the spiral fluted metering wheels, the accuracy through the individual primary lines delivers uniform seed placement to the boot.

Eliot Jones with McIntosh Distribution said section control was trending as “the way of the future" for seeding systems.“Of over 300 units sold in North America, more than 95 per cent have been with ICT," Eliot said.

“In Australia, we are into our third successful season with the Morris ICT. This year, almost 40pc of our bin sales went out with the technology. “It has been a fast adoption and we expect that it will only increase in the future."

He said farmers were really starting to recognise the benefits and savings with the technology. “ICT is expected to save growers about 6pc in fertiliser and seed by cutting out overlap, but some growers are saving up to 12pc." “Some growers are saving many thousands of dollars over their whole program, which can help make the loan repayments on a new air cart."

Eliot said the introduction of the technology was also timely considering seeding bar sizes had increased to around 27 metres (90 feet), enhancing the risk of overlap and higher input usage, while smaller landholdings could benefit as well due to the difficult configuration of some paddocks, which made overlap unavoidable.

The on-farm demonstrations are being coordinated by Morris dealers at Esperance, Albany, Katanning, Kulin, Merredin, Wongan Hills and Moora. Growers can contact their nearest branch for further details and to arrange a demonstration. ICT is available across the full range of Morris 9 Series air carts, including its granular and liquid systems.

Before June 30, growers can also take advantage of a special early order program from McIntosh Distribution, offering growers the opportunity to lock-in a deal for the 2018 seeding season at 2016 prices, plus additional incentives.

Also under the program are the popular Morris C2 Contour and Concept 2000 bars.

“We have negotiated some super special pricing on the Concept 2000 bars from the Morris factory in Canada that we are passing straight onto Australian customers," Eliot said.

The C2 Contour, with its independent openers and true one-to-one parallel linkage, and Concept 2000, with its independent floating frames, provide excellent ground following ability and precision seed and fertiliser placement for even germination and establishment.

The bars are also showing improved plant counts and emergence when configured with the Morris paired-row double shoot opener system. The Morris paired-row system places two rows of seed 10 centimetres (4 inches) apart and fertiliser directly behind the knife point. It creates an undisturbed seedbed or shelf for the seed, and, with the positive packing pressure from the press wheel, it achieves the seed-to-soil contact required to give the seed every opportunity to germinate.

The precision placement of seed in-furrow and the positive packing pressure results in uniform seed placement and germination right across the width of the machine and regularly produces yield gains of around 100 kilograms per hectare.

Following the seeding demonstrations, growers will also get an opportunity to inspect the full Morris tillage and seeding line-up at the round of agricultural field days.

For further information on the Morris range, growers can contact their nearest McIntosh & Son branch.