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Morris Quantum benefits now in bigger air drill

Orginally published in Farm Weekly May, 2023

Duncan Murdoch, National Product Manager - Morris, with the Morris Air Cart

FOR all those growers waiting to take advantage of the exclusive benefits of the unique Morris Quantum air drills in a larger machine – the day has arrived!

The Quantum range has been available in sizes up to 21 metres, however a new 24m air drill is set to roll off the production line for the 2024 seeding season and is expected to be showcased at field days later this year.

You can view the Morris range here.

“It’s obviously a big boost for productivity and efficiency, and a lot of growers want to marry-up 12, 18 and 24m machines,” said Duncan Murdoch, from national Morris distributor, McIntosh Distribution.

“For growers who are possibly operating two 12m rigs, they will be able to go to the one 24m machine.”

The 24m Quantum features the renowned interlocking, laser-cut tubular frame, rather than a 100-millimetre by 100mm frame, as well as all the popular characteristics of the Quantums, including:

  • The Quantum independent openers, which provide excellent trash flow thanks to a reclined shank allowing more fluid flow of residue.
  • Live hydraulics allowing faster lift and lower cycle times.
  • The ability to automatically vary packing pressure.
  • Improved air kit performance and reliability.

The live hydraulics with the air drills support the Morris Auto-Lift and Auto-Pack control technology, which is again being appreciated for its significant benefits already this seeding season.

“Some growers dry-sowing and chasing moisture have had crop up in five days,” Duncan said.

“There hasn’t been any rain on the country, but with the Quantum and Auto-Pack they have been able to rip-up, press out soil clods and air pockets to achieve an ideal seedbed, and through capillary action drawing subsoil moisture into the trench, crops have got up and going.

“This is exactly why many growers are preferring this system over anything else. Numerous growers in WA have been experiencing it for several seasons and growers in the east are also now using Auto-Lift and Auto-Pack.”

The Auto-Lift control technology allows automatic lowering and lifting of tines.

“It’s like the old days when ‘air-con’ came into headers. Initially it was a luxury, but now you wouldn’t even look at a header without temperature controls,’’ Duncan said.

“Next auto-steer came out, and now you wouldn’t drive a tractor without auto-steer.

“It’s the same with Auto-Pack and Auto-Lift. Those that have it can’t imagine seeding without it. That’s the value people are now putting on the technology.”

The revered strength and digging ability of the Morris Quantum air drills also is again shining through during the current dry seeding conditions across the WA agricultural region.

“Various growers with the Quantums have been able to punch-on through and get their programs done and crops up. A lot of big farm operations are now very close to finishing,” Duncan said.

“That’s the beauty of the system when you can meet the three key requirements of horsepower, tine breakout and packing soils correctly.”

Duncan said McIntosh & Son were running a Morris demonstration program this season. Growers can register their interest with their local branch or keep an eye out on the dealership’s social media pages.

“While the 24m Quantum is not available until the 2024 seeding season, there is still limited stock of selected air carts and bars available for pre-June 30 delivery, but they won’t last long,’’ he said.

For further information about the Morris Quantum air drills and the latest 24m addition to the family, growers can contact their nearest dealer.