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Grizzly handles tough dirt

Published in Farm Weekly February 20, 2020

McIntosh Son GRizzly Tiny TXO28-460 28-plate offset disc

In the good old days this Grizzly offset disc machine would have been referred to as a ‘big mother’, which usually morphed into an Australian expletive. McIntosh & Son Geraldton salesman Craig Harrington agrees it’s a big machine but was more intent on telling Torque about its capabilities. “We’ve had this in dry, hard dirt at Binnu during a recent demonstration and it got down to 300-350 millimetres,” Craig said.

MCINTOSH & Son Geraldton recently demonstrated a Grizzly Tiny TXO28-460 28-plate offset disc at Binnu to show its amelioration characteristics, with 102 centimetre-wide (42 inch) plates


  • New to WA
  • Grizzly Tiny TXO28-460 28-plate offset disc
  • Adjustable gang angles
  • 300-350 millimetres in depth

Pulled by a Versatile 620 Delta track tractor, the Grizzly worked in to a depth of 300 millimetres (it can go to 350mm depending on soil types).

With adjustable gang angles this machine is seen as the perfect way to incorporate lime, clay or gypsum, with an obvious good mixing action.

It’s new to WA but it will provoke a lot of interest once word of mouth starts up from the demos.

You can also get a hydraulic-fold crumble roller as an option.

Torque, however, was more interested in how the Versie went.

It is rated at 575 horsepower (429 kiloWatts) peaking to 620hp (463kW) and handled the job with aplomb at 1800rpm, so it only had half a tongue hanging out. Today’s engines are really a work of art.