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What’s new in… Grain Harvesting Equipment: CR Twin Rotor

Originally published in Australian AgContractor Magazine November/December 2021 Edition

McIntosh & Son

In 1975 New Holland proudly introduced the ‘Original Twin Rotor’ combine, the 145-168hp TR70. And now, 46 years later, that concept has evolved to a whole new level, based on 46 years heritage of Twin Rotor combines.

There are four Twin Rotor models to choose from, starting with the Claas 8 New Holland CR7.90 with a peak power of 449 hp right through to the record-breaking Class 10 New Holland CR 10.90 with a gigantic 680hp peak power, which is unlike any other on the market.

The latest New Holland CR Revelation Twin Rotor models feature 22-inch Twin Pitch rotors as standard.

Twin Pitch rotors are an advance from the original S3 design. They have a greater number of small rasp bars spiralled, staggered, and segmented along the entire length of the rotors.

This innovative design gives greater control over threshing and separation whilst ensuring a smoother flow of grains through the combine in a wider range of crops and conditions. This means the CR Revelation delivers unparalleled threshing capacity and grain quality.

New Holland’s award-winning IntelliSense system will help consolidate the new CR model’s reputation as the world’s highest capacity combine.

With IntelliSense, the operator can choose one of the four strategies: 1) limited loss, 2) best grain quality, 3) maximum capacity, or 4) fixed throughput.

The patented cleaning shoe sensors provide precise measurements of the load on sieves. This gives the system the ability to distinguish between ‘blow out’ or ‘sieve off’ grain loss and make the correct adjustments for minimal loss of grain from the combine.

IntelliSense also uses a high resolution GrainCam to monitor the sample. Its next level imaging has the ability to differentiate between quality grain, broken grain and material other than grain (MOG), ensuring an optimal sample is achieved every time.

New Holland broadacre product manager Marc Smith says these are just a few of the advantages that the pro-active IntelliSense Automation system provides.

“Innovation and evolution are trademarks of CR Revelation combine harvesters. New Holland continues to set industry benchmarks as it delivers greater harvesting efficiencies by maximising output, while minimising losses and damaged grain.

“The 2021 CR Revelation IntelliSense system is compatible with more crops than ever as the system evolves, more will be added to the list. The Twin Rotor is a must for every farmer and contractor.”

To find out more, contact your local New Holland Dealer or visit the website newholland.com.au.