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New Holland balers deliver the goods

Orginally published in Farm Weekly March 9, 2023

The New Holland Pro-Belt Round Baler

NEW Holland Agriculture’s Pro-Belt series variable chamber round balers have helped farmers and hay and silage contractors produce more uniform and dense bales per hour, despite a disruptive and wet hay season in some parts of Australia.

According to New Holland, the Pro-Belt series variable chamber round balers have demonstrated their versatility, durability and high performance while providing excellent bale shapes in all conditions.

Culcairn farmer and hay and silage contractor in New South Wales’ Southern Riverina district, Stephen Feuerherdt, is one who boosted productivity during his first baling season using his New Holland Pro-Belt 165 rotor cutter last year.

Mr Feuerherdt, who runs a 1660-hectare mixed farming operation producing sheep, cattle, wheat, barley, lucerne and cereal hay, as well as a contract hay and silage business, said he boosted output by “at least a third” across his operations.

He had trialled a Pro-Belt 165 rotor cutter during the 2021 baling season, describing it as “a contractor’s machine” and was so impressed he purchased his own for the 2022 season.

“It was a pretty tough season with lots of disruption – a lot of canola and cereal crops were affected by heavy rain and flooding, but we still managed a good average,” Mr Feuerherdt said.

“With the new Pro-Belt baler we were able to make up for lost time, putting through an extra 10 to 15 bales an hour over the previous baler.

“With the disrupted season there was a backlog of customers, but we were able to achieve results quicker and get the timing right for our clients.

“With such a wet season we had trouble getting on paddocks for hay, a lot of farmers were not willing to take the risk leaving it to sit for seven to 10 days to dry.

“So, a lot opted for silage and the Pro-Belt was able to handle even the heaviest wet silage crops.”

In December, New Holland’s Pro-Belt variable chamber round balers picked up an AE50 award from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers.

The AE50 award recognises innovation in product development for agricultural, food and biological systems.

New Holland product segment manager – fodder conservation, hay and forage, Sune Nielsen, expects to see increased demand for good quality hay this year.

“There’s a lot of optimism for 2023 because there wasn’t a lot of hay produced last year,” Mr Nielsen said.

“If we get the right weather conditions coming into spring, we can expect a big hay season driven by the lack of good quality hay from 2022.

“There’s not a lot stored around in sheds, any good hay that is around is getting sold directly out of the paddock.

“It will also be interesting to see what the export market will do this coming season as there has been a downturn over the last couple of years.

“Like the domestic market, I would anticipate the exporters will be keen to see an increased volume of cereal crops planted to supply these markets.”

Mr Nielsen said New Holland offered a full range of equipment for the 2023 season’s hay and foraging operations, including balers, mowers, tedders and rakes.

“The range has been designed to deliver efficient and productive operation based on our customers’ feedback and changing climate conditions in Australia,” he said.

“We pride ourselves on being able to provide a full line-up of products that can deliver every aspect for hay and silage making.

“New Holland’s longstanding dealer network has many years of experience, and our dealers are key to the company’s success now and into the future.”

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