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Latest addition rounds out High Density baling range

Orginally published on farmmachinerysales 18 March 2022

New Holland's BigBaler 1290HD Packer will arrive in Australia in time for the 2022 hay season

After successfully launching the BigBaler 1290HD square baler last year on to the Australian market and receiving positive feedback from local farmers, New Holland is following up with the launch of its BigBaler 1290HD Packer model that the company said offers higher capacity and durability.

According to new Holland, the new model is ideal for farmers who do not require crop to be cut as it passes through the baler.

Like the BigBaler 1290HD, the Packer unit is also fitted with the award-winning Loop Master double-knotting technique which New Holland said produces more robust bales that can result in up to 26 per cent increase in overall tensile strength for reduced breakages.

It has also been reengineered with a larger diameter crank and bearings, auto greasing and heavier feeder forks made from Hardox steel.

New Holland Product Segment Manager for Fodder Conservation, Sune Nielsen, said trialling the BigBaler 1290HD Packer in Australian conditions was the final piece of the puzzle.

“Australian farms have some of the toughest conditions for any piece of machinery to operate on. It is vital that any product we release will increase our customer’s outputs and improve their on-farm efficiencies,” he said.

“The 1290HD Packer is perfect for farmers who don’t require the crop to be cut as it passes through the feeder. As a high-capacity machine, the Packer is gentle on the product, producing well-shaped, dense bales ready to be transported.”

New Holland’s BigBaler Packer machine has been a part of its offerings since the mid 1980’s, and the BigBaler 1290HD Packer now completes the high-density line up.

Stable and consistent

Machine operator, Paul Robinson, from Gardiner Bros Farm in Caldwell, New South Wales, has been trialling the BigBaler 1290HD Packer on his oat, wheat and barley paddocks since November 2021.

Despite the increasing temperatures, Robinson said the consistent baling densities and weight have been impressive.

“I have driven both the BigBaler 1290HD Rotor Baler and the BigBaler 1290HD Packer. Although the Rotor Baler is a great machine, the Big Baler Packer has noticeable improvements for their operation,” he said.

“With the two-stage start up, there is no strain on the tractor, and I feel stable while operating the Baler.

“Coupled with my T8.410, the BigBaler Packer is an absolute dream to drive.”

During his trial, Robinson has produced consistent wheat and barley straw bales of more than 550kg.

“Since starting my trial, I am sitting on more than ten and a half thousand bales, with no issues with a single one of them,” he said.

“The bales are nice and solid, packed in tightly with six strings – I cannot ask for more.”

Despite the upgrades, the BigBaler 1290HD Packer maintained the ease of access and servicing that customers such as Robinson have come to love.

“I can maintain the machine myself between its servicing requirements. The 1290HD Packer opens right up and has the same greasing points, hydraulic liquid tank, and easy access around the machine,” he said.

New Holland’s BigBaler 1290HD Packer is set to arrive on Australian farms in time for the 2022 hay season. For more information or to place an order, contact McIntosh and Son today.