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Dry Hay in Days, Not Months With Mower Conditioners

New Holland 316 Disc Combine

When it comes to hay production, the ability to quickly and efficiently dry your crop can make all the difference. Traditional methods of hay drying can take months, that's where mower conditioners come into play. Revolutionizing the hay drying process by cutting down drying time from months to mere days gives you an advantage when you need to beat the weather and bale or chop before the rain.

Mower conditioners do more than just cut hay. They are designed to draw out moisture from each stem, significantly accelerating the drying process. Here's how they work their magic.


The process begins with precision cutting. Mower conditioners employ sharp blades or discs to swiftly and accurately cut through standing grass or forage crops. The cutting height can be easily adjusted to meet your specific needs.


After the initial cut, the hay undergoes a crucial conditioning step. It's fed through rollers with a minimal gap, typically around 2mm. These rollers, however, come in two distinct types—rubber and steel, each offering unique advantages.

Rubber Rollers:

Crushing effect, quiet operation, delicately handles product to produce high-value feeds.
Best for Oaten, wheaten, and meadow hay, clover and grasses.

Steel Rollers:

Crimping effect, wear resistant, and high performance even in abrasive conditions.
Best for Stem crops like oats, cereal, and barley.

The New Holland 316 Disc Combine

One standout in the world of mower conditioners is the New Holland 316 Disc Combine.

The genuine Discbine disc mower-conditioner swiftly turns heavy crops into fast-drying windrows or swaths. Here's what makes it a top choice:

1. Cost-Effective: Trailed versions are a budget-friendly alternative to self-propelled mower conditioners. This cost-effectiveness doesn't compromise on performance.

2. Easy to Use: Plug and play with your existing tractor—no need for additional machinery.

3. Middle-Mount Drawbar Pivot: Sharp turns are made easy with the middle-mount drawbar pivot. Say goodbye to driving in circles and hello to efficient AB lines.

4. 16-Foot Cutting Width: With a wide 16-foot cutting width, this machine ensures close, smooth, and trouble-free mowing.

By employing the right type of rollers, you can tailor the drying process to your specific crop. The New Holland 316 Disc Combine offers an affordable and user-friendly solution that's bound to make your hay production journey smoother and more efficient.

Watch an overview of the New Holland Discbine, or speak to your local McIntosh & Son dealer for more information.