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Purchasing a Loader is About More Than Just the Machine

Clayton from Kee Hire, part of the KEE Group is providing machinery to the civil infrastructure community in Western Australia. Their inventory includes excavators, wheel loaders, skid steer loaders and water carts. Their customers appreciate CASE machinery because of its superior comfort, productivity and fuel efficiency.

"The feedback from customers on why Case Construction is superior to other OEMs has been the added creature comforts, their productivity and fuel efficiency."

"Purchasing the equipment is one thing, having the support of the dealer and the OEM is more important in my eyes.

"That relationship extends to our clients onsite on a daily basis. The boys at McIntosh & Son, in particular Paul Davies and the workshop crew are 100% loyal to us, service our clients needs and are every bit as good as the machines.

"To this day we've had no problems getting parts or service anywhere in the state. We had a loader in Kalgoorlie go down, the parts were air freighted that afternoon and the machine was up and running the next morning. Our client was happy, and that's good service"