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New Products Set for Esperance Demo Program

Esperance Miller 7380 demo

Published in Farm Weekly November 14, 2019

Ken Wilson

McIntosh & Son Esperance are gearing up for post-harvest demonstrations of new Miller Nitro SP boomsprayers and Agri-Spread spreaders.

According to salesman Jakke Little, the models will include the new Nitro 7000 Series and a model from the new Agri-Spread AS2000 range.

The Nitro 7380 model will be demonstrated with Raven Hawkeye, which is a blended pulse nozzle system that maintains droplet size through a broad speed range.

It features on/off, turn compensation and optional individual nozzle control.

Mr Little said the Nitro 7000 Series offered significant increases in horsepower and torque via its IVECO power plant, along with the benefit of better fuel efficiency.

“The 7380 rates at 383 peak hP with 1459Nm of torque,” Mr Little said.

“Another model, the 7420, produces 434 peak hP with 1629Nm of torque.”

With a 6100L tank, the 7000 Series comes with a wide range of boom options, including the Spray-Air system, which is available on booms up to 36m.

7000 Series models are also fitted with an innovative hydrostatic Danfoss pump system featuring electronically-controlled variable displacement piston drive motors and integrated Fairfield Torque-Hub planetary final drives.

The drive motors supply greater torque at all speeds, while the weight distribution has been carefully designed to ensure it remains within 4% of a 50:50 balance during spraying.

“The cabin, designed for enhanced panoramic visibility, takes comfort to a whole new level,” Mr Little said.

This includes two chassis and spraying monitoring screens carefully placed within the cab to maximise ease of use without obstructing visibility.

Automated filling and rinsing controls are standard, with a 75mm fill meter, ensuring maximum filling efficiency.

The new AS2000 range features include a Positive Drive Conveyor System, with Agri-Spread being the first spreader manufacturer in the world to adopt this, making it virtually impossible for the conveyor to slip.

A new bin design includes increase stainless components and a new adjustable rear deck spinner system to ensure the highest level of accuracy and distribution of products.

Optional Section Control is available throughout the whole AS2000 series range.

An Agri-Spread VT Controller handles the required spread width in 14 sections, working in conjunction with paddock shape and GPS map data alongside auto shut-off for headlands and border control functions.

Keep an eye out on Facebook & Twitter for demo dates or contact the Esperance branch to host a demo near you.