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Nedd Brockmann Sets Off For His World Record Attempt

Resilience, a purpose and fuelled on chocolate milk, Nedd Brockman is running from Perth to Sydney to raise 1 million dollars for homelessness.

23-year-old Nedd Brockmann will tomorrow embark on a world record attempt that has captured the hearts and minds of the Australian public and media as he attempts to become the fastest ever person to run across Australia, all whilst trying to raise $1 million for the homeless, and encourage Aussies to run a collective 1 million kilometres.

A host of brands have come on board to get behind his attempt and charity and run push, led by sports company PUMA and Case Construction.

Brockmann is attempting to break the world record for the fastest ever run across Australia which currently sits at 43 days according to website Fastest Known Time, and 65 days according to the Guinness World Records. Brockmann will take off from Cottesloe Beach, Perth Thursday September 1st and commence his trek to Bondi Beach, Sydney, aiming to run 100km a day for 40 days to complete the 3,800km journey. The equivalent to more than two marathons a day.

“I’m a nutcase who loves doing long endurance challenges and seeing what the body’s capable of. To be honest, I pride myself on my resilience and ability to keep getting back up, and with this challenge, it’s a matter of exactly that,” Brockmann said from Perth this week.

In what was one of the most positive stories of 2020, 23-year-old Brockmann, ran 50 marathons in 50 days all while still working, to raise money and awareness for the homeless. He raised an incredible $100,000 for charity and has set a lofty ambition of $1 million for homeless charity We Are Mobilise this time.

“What I gained out of the experience of running the marathons, getting people around it and raising the money, I thought was pretty cool,” Brockmann said.

“The run has been in the back of my mind for two years, so it was easy to train for it at the start, but it’s been harder since we got closer. My coach Matty Able has been working with me since the start of this year, and he’s been incredible. We worked out where my base fitness was at in the beginning, but while it’s a bit physical feat, it’s all in your mind and your ability to not give in.”

“When you’re two weeks in and your body is telling you to stop, you need to get past that point and that’s when your body will start to adapt. When your knees are blown up and your calf is done and everything’s stuffed, that’s when most people give in. But for the last two years, there hasn’t been a morning where I’ve woken up and not thought about it. I cannot wait to rip into it.”

Brockmann is well known among running circles in Australia for his incredible feats and his infectious and light-hearted personality.

While Brockmann is trying to break the World Record for the fastest run across Australia and raise $1 million for the homeless, he has teamed up with PUMA to encourage Australians to run a collective one million kilometres. The #LessgoAMillion Challenge is hosted on fitness app Running Heroes with a record prize pool on offer to entrants.

Follow Nedds journey on his Instagram here.

You can donate to Nedds Record Run here.