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McIntosh & Son dowerin Wongan Hills ride & drive machinery day

The much-anticipated annual Dowerin Field Day was unfortunately cancelled (along with most other events) due to Covid this year, so the opportunity for farmers to get close and personal with the latest in farm machinery seemed all but lost for 2020.

However, equipment dealers, McIntosh & Son, wanted to make sure the field day season void was filled and decided to put on a cracking day of test drives, machinery demonstrations and grower chats.

Last Thursday 22nd September, over 150 folks made their way to Emmott’s farm in Dowerin Shire to see the latest farming machinery at McIntosh & Son’s biggest ever ride & drive day.

McIntosh & Son Wongan Hills branch manager, Aaron Sachse, said it was a great opportunity to try something different.

“Field days are usually a great time for growers to come out and see the latest developments in agriculture, however they don’t get to try anything out in a crop,” Aaron said.

“All who came out last week were excited to actually get in the cab and see and feel the benefits for themselves”.

Growers were able to speak to product specialists and see the latest industry technology advancements.

And the feedback was huge. One grower commented, “It’s truly something to look across a field and see two different brands of seed rigs, a spreader, a deep ripper, a self-propelled sprayer and three or four tractors all zipping around the crop at the same time”.

It seemed a favourite of the day was the excavator, with people lining up to have a go. “Apparently, all people really want to do is dig a big hole!” Aaron said.

To top off a top day, attendees were treated to refreshments around the bonfire as the sun started to set, with beef and gravy rolls sourced from Wongan Hills Family Meats and the local IGA.

For further information on upcoming Ride & Drive days, contact your local McIntosh & Son Dealership.