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Dalby branch has begun newest dual apprenticeship

McIntosh & Son

Dalby branch has begun newest dual apprenticeship

McIntosh & Son’s Dalby branch has commenced training with their newest dual apprentice, Beau, the fourth for the branch.

Beau has already completed his Agricultural Machinery Technology apprenticeship, and will now commence dual trading as an Auto Electrician.

Dealer Principal Cameron Jordan said it was Beau who first expressed interest in expanding his qualifications. “I was very happy to put him through that process.”

Beau said he first showed interest in beginning a dual apprenticeship after watching three other staff members complete two trades.

“Seeing what those tech's have learnt through the process made me really keen to do it myself.” “I now get to do another trade while being paid fully as a tradesman.”

Cameron said offering dual apprenticeships will benefit both customers and the company. “We’re making sure that our technicians can be presented with a problem and have the tools and the experience to be able to solve the problems in one trip.”

“The benefit for our customers is that they don’t need two people to look after one piece of equipment.”

Cameron said a dual trade is rare in dealerships and is proud that McIntosh & Son has 3 complete and another underway. “I think it is a huge achievement to eventually have four technician's with dual trades on staff.”

“It's great to be able to provide both a work environment and a training environment for our staff.”

McIntosh & Son believe investing in staff and renewing their training is making them better for customers. This also affirms the dealership group’s commitment to supporting the career development of its staff.

For more information about careers at McIntosh & Son, visit our careers page or contact your local dealership.