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Bootcamp to Employment gets ringing endorsement

Originally posted in Country Man

McIntosh & Son

A senior figurehead at one of WA’s biggest machinery dealerships says WAFarmers’ inaugural Bootcamp to Employment is the “best and most exciting avenue” for attracting new staff he has ever been involved in.

McIntosh & Son Moora branch manager Cadeyn Catto was one of several leaders involved in the course’s “speed dating” session at Muresk Institute last Thursday.

The session was held in the final hours of the three-day course and involved employers speaking to several small groups of Bootcamp participants.

Mr Catto said it was a two-way process that enabled him to meet potential employees and for them to learn more about what McIntosh & Son have to offer.

“It was one of the most exciting opportunities I have ever been involved in, from a resourcing point of view,” Mr Catto said.

“I have potentially found three to four candidates to fill our roles for next year, in both precision agriculture and heavy duty diesel mechanics.”

Mr Catto, who started at the Moora branch in October 2019, said he was on the hunt for youngsters interested in precision agriculture and machinery.

He said the business had vacancies across all branches “at all times” and also ran its own registered training organisation to upskill employees.

“The young people I spoke to had a real desire to be a part of the industry,” Mr Catto said.

“We can’t teach desire, but we can teach everything else. I think people keen on technology now feel there are avenues for them to be involved in agriculture.

“We are lining up school leavers ready to start work in January, so the Bootcamp happened at a perfect timing.”

Mr Catto said agriculture was not the only industry feeling the pinch of labour shortages, but it did face significant competition from the mining sector.

“There is a lot of opportunity out there for young people to get into other job roles. Mining has a big impact and leaves a big hole for us in terms of staff,” he said.

“Part of that is the agriculture industry’s fault for not investing in training young people earlier, but the same can be said for a range of other industries too.”

Mr Catto said WA’s agriculture industry desperately needed to promote the great lifestyle and pay on offer to skilled workers.

“There is also a great lifestyle on offer, because you are at home with your family and friends on the weekend,” he said.

“Ultimately people turn up to work to get paid. So I think we have to make it more competitive and enticing. The money in the agriculture industry, for a qualified employee, is certainly moving up now.

“We need to invest in our people… we have to show them that there is career progression and that agriculture is an exciting career path to take.”

For more information on McIntosh & Son's RTO program, contact People & Development Manager Jennie Lamb at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or register your interest via our careers page