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Less drift, less water, more coverage!

The air blast penetrates the thickest crop canopies and drives the droplets deep for unsurpassed coverage.

When coverage is critical and you need deep canopy penetration to kill the target pest - be it weed, disease, or insect - look no further than to Miller’s Spray-Air air boom technology. The unique air nozzle spray system puts instantaneous control of droplet size, spray pattern, and the speed of the air blast spraying into the crop right at your fingertips. There is no other technology available that will give you coverage as good as this, with the lowest application rates possible.

Available for current Miller Nitro sprayers (excluding Nitro N2XP), the Miller Spray-Air air boom technology to improve your application efficiency and generate a superior return on your investment!.

How the Miller Spray-Air technology works

One nozzle does it all! Fine droplets for coverage...Coarse droplets to manage drift; control at your fingertips.

The Air Nozzles, spaced every 10” along the air boom, atomises the spray droplets using Dial-A-Drop™ technology. This creates the optimum-sized droplets that are not affected by speed and pressure changes, ensuring a uniform application over the entire field.

The Air Nozzle blasts the spray droplets deep into the crop canopy, ensuring complete top-to-bottom leaf surface coverage. No other application technology can measure up to the total plant coverage from the Spray-Air nozzle.

Because of the smaller controlled droplets and directed air blast, the Air Nozzle allows for a very efficient use of water, often in the range of 2 to 5 gallons per acre for herbicides, and generally from 5 to 10 GPA with fungicides.

Droplet Size Management

Spray-Air Technology - Enhanced Coverage, Superior Control, Maximum Efficiency

  • Maximise Productivity. The superior plant coverage from the use of the Air Shear Nozzle enables you to use only the minimum amount of herbicide required, and no more.
  • Lowest Water Volumes. Use the lowest possible carrier volumes for herbicide, desiccant, insecticide, and especially fungicide applications.
  • Fungicide Applications That Work. Simply stated, the Spray-Air technology is proven to be the best method to apply fungicides for superior disease control! Benefit from dense canopy penetration and total plant coverage.
  • Environmental Stewardship. Spray-Air owners practice environmental stewardship by using only as much chemical and water as required, reducing soil and water carryover of crop protection products.
  • Application Versatility. Three application methods to choose from:
    • Spray-Air Air Nozzle application to maximise coverage and efficiency
    • Conventional flat fan nozzles for higher volume applications over 10 gallons per acre
    • Use conventional nozzles + air blast from the Air Nozzle for classic Air Assist to maximise coverage in higher volume applications

This chart format is more in line with other nozzle manufacturer charts, making your spray management decisions easier.

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Miller Spray-Air is distributed in Australia by McIntosh Distribution.

McIntosh & Son is an authorised dealer for Miller Spray-Air. New sales of the Miller Spray-Air products are available in Western Australia at these branches: Albany, Cunderdin, Esperance, Geraldton, Katanning, Kulin, Merredin, Moora, Narrogin and Wongan Hills, and in Queensland at Dalby. McIntosh & Son can arrange delivery of pre-owned (used) machines anywhere in Australia.

McIntosh & Son offers a comprehensive, friendly and professional one-stop shop service. We are committed to our customers and aim to provide easy and quick access to sales of new and used machines, quality service and parts.

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