Hardi Australia is one of the largest manufacturers of spraying equipment..

These include booms, self propelled sprayers, trailed sprayers and linkage sprayers.


  • POMMIER Aluminium Boom: Width without weight

POMMIER profiles have an inherent low weight with high capacity to bear loads making their aluminium booms up to 50% lighter and 20% stronger in the field than their steel counterparts.

Self propelled sprayers

  • Saritor II (4,500 - 5,500l; 36-42m)
  • Rubicon (6500-9000l, 36.5-48.5m)

Trailed sprayers

  • COMMANDER II (6,500 – 10,000l; 24-42m)
  • COMMANDER 5000 (5,000l; 18-36m)
  • NAVIGATOR (3,000 - 4,000l; 12-30m)
  • NAVIGATOR RowCrop (3,000 – 4,000l; 12-30m)
  • RANGER (2,000 – 2,500l; 12-24m)
  • RANGER RowCrop (2,500l; 12-21m)
  • GRASSLANDS (1,200l; 6-12m)

Linkage Sprayers

  • NL-NK (300 – 1,000l; 3-12m)
  • MASTER (1,000 – 1,800l; 12-21m)

McIntosh & Son is an authorised dealer for Hardi sprayers. New sales of Hardi sprayers are available in Western Australia at these branches: Albany, Esperance, Geraldton, Katanning, Kulin, Moora and Wongan Hills. McIntosh & Son can arrange delivery of pre-owned (used) machines anywhere in Australia.

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