The Agland Macerator 6620 has been designed to improve the quality of the green hay bales. The macerator has a cam pick up to direct the swath (windrow) into rubber rolls for feeding into a set of steel serrated rolls for maceration.

Equipped with an air pressure system to set different levels of maceration aggresiveness, the Agland Macerator 6620 gently cracks the stem of the crop allowing stems and knots to dry quicker than conventional crimping.

Used extensively across North America, Europe and Australia; and among a wide variety of crops including millets, alfalfa, timothy, sorghum, corn and grasses, the Agland Macerator 6620 continues to provide farmers with an efficient solution to increase crop quality and value.

Intensive forage conditioning promotes

  • Faster dry down time
  • More palatability
  • Better feed value
  • Improved color and texture

Features & Benefits

  • The AgLand Macerator 6620 is built to withstand rough field conditions. No tools required for field adjustment.
  • Height of pickup reel is easily adjusted from the tractor.
  • The unique air system works like a shock absorber and keeps the rollers tight together.
  • Air pressure can, easily and quickly, be adjusted with a simple turn of the knob for maximum performance under various field conditions.
  • Ground speed is up to 16 km/h
  • Ready to work without requiring no special hookups or brackets; all you need is a 70-80hp tractor.


More Thorough Than a Conditioner

The Agland Macerator features a double set of rollers, allowing for a more thorough job than other systems. The pickup reel feeds the crop to the rubber intake rollers where the swath is flattened out before it is fed through the steel patterned rollers. The air pressure system helps maintain an even pressure on the rollers without crushing the hay.

Faster Drying

Maceration takes place between the steel rollers. The top steel roller runs at a slightly different speed than the bottom roller. This action cracks and nicks the stems of the plants and removes some of the wax, resulting in cell rupture. This allows the moisture to escape at a quicker rate than with conventional equipment, promoting a much faster dry down.

Preserves Nutrients and Color

The AgLand Macerator 6620 allows for a faster dry down time to minimise exposure to the sun and maximise the retention of nutrients and colour in the crop.

More Palatable

Maceration helps to soften the hay, preserves the protein content and exposes more plant sugar to allow more efficient silage fermentation, making all of the hay more palatable and increasing the digestibility of the hay or forage, which may translate* into:

  • Increased energy
  • Significant weight gains
  • Increased milk production

* Depending on condition and type of animal. For more detailed information on the benefits of maceration contact us for a summary of the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute test results.

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