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Torrent Debris Blower

Clean up with unprecedented precision and control.

Designed from the ground up with input from golf course superintendents, sports field managers and  grounds managers, the Turfco® Torrent debris blower takes clean up to a new level of productivity. 
The powerful, patent-pending Turfco Torrent delivers unprecedented control over air speed, air direction, noise management and fuel consumption.

It is a precision clean up tool you can use year-round to give your course a new level of polish and playability. The Turfco Torrent blower features a faster, more precise nozzle rotation that’s operated by a wireless handheld controller to dramatically increase operator productivity. 

The controller includes a unique idle/resume button and the ability to adjust air speed settings. The exclusive, optional auxiliary control kit proves invaluable if the wireless control is ever lost or destroyed. Designed by Turfco, the Torrent’s turbine generates powerful air volume and superior air velocity. From grass clippings and aeration cores on the course to leaves and pine needles in the parking lot, nothing stands in its way.

Engineered for Control and Precision

  • Wireless controller and 360 degree rotation allows operator to dial in the exact nozzle direction for unprecedented precision.
  • Faster nozzle rotation speed dramatically increases productivity—operators won’t need to slow down to wait for the blower at the end of each pass.
  • Multiple air speed settings make it quick and easy to increase or decrease blowing force.
  • Idle/resume button allows the operator to instantly idle down when needed, and then quickly resume operation at the original setting.
  • Control features make it easy to use the blower more efficiently, saving money on fuel and reducing overall noise on your course.
  • Engine shutdown switch stops the engine at the press of a button.

Turfco Torrent Wireless Controller

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