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Enter a new harvesting dimension - Featuring Twin Rotor™ Technology








New Holland Agriculture has revolutionised the way farmers harvested over 35 years ago with the introduction of ground-breaking Twin Rotor™ technology for combines.

Today’s latest generation of CR combines continues the pure rotary bloodline and offers the world’s farmers best-in-class grain and straw quality thanks to the gentle multipass action. Innovative features* such as the New Holland SmartTrax™, IntelliCruise™, IntelliSteer™ and Opti-Spread™ systems further enhance productivity, and continue to ensure that the CR range is the most advanced and productive in the world.New Holland Agricultural manufactures a diverse range of combine harvesters to assist farmers with efficient crop harvesting.

Outstanding Capacity - Guiness World Record for most wheat harvested in 8 hours

The new, top-of-the-line CR10.90 Elevation is the most powerful and productive CR to date, breaking the Guinness World Record for harvesting. During the record, it harvested 787.656 tonnes in 8 hours in August 2014. The 653-hp(CV) FPT Industrial Cursor 16 Diesel Engine of the Year 2014 is the huge engine that powers the CR10.90 Elevation. The optional Dynamic Feed Roll, with integrated dynamic stone protection, has improved already impressive capacity by up to 10%, and has enhanced crop flow into the rotors and reduced grain crackage. The CR keeps going as long as you do. 

Twin Rotor® Technology - Superior Harvest Quality

Unsurpassed grain and straw quality is guaranteed courtesy of gentle, yet highly efficient Twin Rotor® technology. Grain crackage is an industry-leading figure as low as 0.1%. Opti-Fan™ and self-leveling technology ensures the cleanest grain sample and you can choose between two types of rotors to match your individual harvesting needs.

SmartTrax. Reduced Compaction. Superior Comfort.

The all-new SmartTrax™ system has been engineered by design to offer 57% reduced ground pressure thanks to its triangle stucture for improved traction and reduced compaction. The factory fitted SmartTrax also feature an integrated rubber block suspension system which significantly reduces vibration when compared to a traditional fixed track system, for guaranteed comfort during even the longest harvesting days and in road transport situations.

With a top transport speed of 30kph at a mere 1600 engine rpm, the new CR range, when fitted with SmartTrax™, is the obvious choice for operations looking to enhance productivity, with more time in the field and less time on the road, and to save on their fuel bills. Fuel economy is further enhanced by the super low rolling resistance, which offers significant savings over competitor solutions. The SmartTrax™ with the Terraglide suspension system has a maximum transmission speed of 40kph.


New Holland Rotary Combine Harvesters:

Horse power (hp): 449

Horse power (hp): 490

Horse power (hp): 571


Horse power (hp): 653

New Holland Conventional Combine Harvesters:

Horse power (hp): 401
Header width range (m): 7.6-12.8

Horse power (hp): 7.6
Header width range (m): 7.6-13.7


New Holland Combine Harvester Fronts (Headers):

  • Grain draper
  • Flex Draper
  • Windrow Pick Up
  • Direct cut auger
  • Corn header

McIntosh & Son is an authorised dealer for New Holland. New sales of New Holland combine harvesters and fronts (headers) are available in Western Australia at these branches: Albany, Geraldton, Katanning, Kulin, Merredin, Moora and Wongan Hills, and in Queensland at Dalby. McIntosh & Son can arrange delivery of pre-owned (used) machines anywhere in Australia. Browse our used machine inventory here.

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